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10 Most Colorful And Vibrant Cities Around The World

Do you love colors? Do colors inspire you and fill you with new energy? If yes, then this write-up is a piece for you. Exploring new cities are always fun and the excitement doubles when the destination is bright and colorful.

Colors are beautiful, it is everywhere around us. It revives us, rejuvenates us and most importantly it makes us feel happy and cheerful. There are several therapists around the world who often recommend their patients to take the help of colors in order to get rid of depression, stress or the mental syndrome which they are going through. Surrounding oneself with a dull and drab environment often fills you with negativity, anger and sadness whereas the effect of colors is just opposite to it and needless to say it’s so positive.


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Most of the cities around the world are taking part in the rat-race of developing skyscrapers which will be the attraction of their city and will bring a large number of tourists. They do get the desired result but as the number of skyscrapers is growing, their demands and their uniqueness are fading away. It’s just similar to – the less the produce, the more the demand|the more the produce, the less the demand.

But, breathing away from this world of race and sky scrapers, there are some beautiful cities around the world which are candy-colored and too colorful to believe on its existence!

What fills these cities with joy and what makes its distinctive is not its technological advancement or the modernity of living, rather it’s the colors, the beauty and the vibrancy which it has managed that makes fills it with positive and extraordinary feature.

A culture of color, a stroke of love and an artistic streak is what you come across to experience as you plan your holiday in cities with such beauty and brilliance. These colorful and vibrant cities are a visual tonic and a retreat for every individual who come across them. From colorful coastal towns to hillside cities, we bring here in our list a wonderful collection of the most radiant cities of the world. Explore further and take a look at our list to know more about these cities.

1. Valparaiso, Chile


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This port city is the historical and cultural nucleus of Chile. Recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, the city has a unique charm and beauty attached to it. Filled with an array of churches, museums and colonial buildings, the city has not even failed to lure the very own poet of Chile, Pablo Neruda.

This coastal city experiences beautiful boats and cruises beside it and even lays a stunning line on its shore. The multi-hued urban houses and structures which lies around the shore, adorns the sea and enhances the magnificence of the city to a great level. The lively lifestyle of the people and their creative spirits are reflected through the colorful and vibrant backdrop offered by this city. The homes and bohemian murals on the walls of the structures are a sign of the untied souls of the individuals.

chile 2

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The vibrancy of the city has created splendid results in making it a head-turner and stunning city around the world. It is for its beauty, its elegance and its charm that the city is often referred to with various names like “Ocean’s Sweetheart”, “The Jewel of the Pacific” and the city that “goes to paradise”, along with being the “Cultural Capital Of Chile”. Each and every corner of the city is covered with different hues that have charmed the natives and the tourists of the region since many generations. It is its culture, color and lively spirit which have earned it a much suitable and well deserving name- The San Francisco Of The South.

Do plan a trip here and experience the joy which stands second-to-none in the world.

2. St. John’s, Canada


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St. John is the capital of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. It is one of the oldest cities of the country with a rich and flaunting history which dates back to around 1400. The Victorian architecture is its pleasant feature that will greet you at every step that you cover in order to explore the beauty of the region. Every other house of the city is splashed with a different color in order to form an eye-pleasing scenario that is just too awesome to avoid.

The bright colored city is one of the most popular tourist attractions of Canada and promises to give an unrivaled and memorable experience to each and every tourist.

It is also a cultural gem with many museums, art galleries and urban parks which reflects the beauty and the rich culture of the region.


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The multicolored houses of the downtown area of the region are known as the “Jellybean Row”, which is used by the natives to refer to the area with colorful houses. It is said that the captain of the ships, which used to find its shore here at the stretch of the city, used to assign a bright candy color to his house so that it can easily be spotted even from the sea. Result? – A polychromatic strip which looks beautiful, gorgeous, mesmerizing and too stunning to take your eyes off!!!

3. Balat, Turkey


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The once-Jewish quarter of Istanbul, Balat, is a stunning destination for every hue-lover. This area is a patchwork quilt of various shades of red, blue and green homes which are piled on top of each other.

Over the time the area has attracted various residents with different choice of colors and their very own taste, which resulted in the brilliant and artistic view of the area. The lost era is well captured in the architecture of the region and is a treat to watch it.

balat 2

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It’s just so easy to spend a few hours wandering around the street amidst the stunningly-hued structures. Just take your camera with you and you will get a number of eye-catchy locations and sparkling backdrops to capture it.

Explore the lifestyle of the people of the region and spend some time wandering around in the majestic streets- wohooo! You have got a perfect plan for your holiday; don’t miss it at any cost.

4. La Boca, Argentina


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Situated in the neighborhood of Bueno Aires, the capital city of Argentina, La Boca is a destination where you definitely ought to stop. The friendly paths and the wonderful lanes of the region take you on your way to explore the gorgeousness of the region. It is famed for its traditional architecture and colorful wooden houses which stands adjacent to each other.

Regarded as the home of the tango, the area has a lot of artist activities going all around and is just ideal for every individual who tend to love art and is completely in awe with everything that’s historic, unique and artistic.

argentina 2

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Kaleidoscope of colors and a perfect culmination of several hues together in the neighborhood entice you to take a deep look in the region and roam around aimlessly. The vivid block of colors brightens the entire area and it has made the area a popular tourist destination where people from all around the world drops at.

5. Jodhpur, India


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Colors are always alluring, whether it be different colors or a single one dominating everywhere. Jodhpur, the second largest city of Rajasthan, India is popularly known as “The Blue City”. As the name signifies, the houses of the city are washed with blue-tint. Although, a monochromatic city, but it still holds a jaw-dropping beauty which makes it a pretty and ideal destination for all to drop at.

Located in the backdrop of the famous Mehrangarh fort, there are around 100s of houses which are colored brilliantly in this hue.

The trend or tradition of the blue-hued houses in this region was, it is said, started by the Brahmins, the priest- caste of the country, in order to differentiate their home with that of the others caste. But, later this tradition was adopted by every single caste and home of the city as a result its blue-tinted today.


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The natives of the region say that the blueness of the city is also the symbol of resilience of the natives against the scorching heat of the Thar Desert. The natives also claim that keeping the hot weather of the region is well-tackled by the color, as it helps them to keep their houses clean and also prevents mosquitoes.

Whatever, be the reason. The exoticness of the city brushed in the beautiful shade of blue cannot be ignored at any cost. Pay it a visit to experience it through your naked eyes.

6. Willemstad, Curaçao

Willemstad, Curaçao

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Willemstad is the capital city of Curacao. Rich in its history and its landscape the jaw-dropping and colorful structure and buildings of the region also makes it a distinctive place which you must definitely pay a visit to at least once in your life time.

The city is declared by UNESCO as the World Heritage City for its 750 brilliantly colored structures which still today is wonderfully preserved by the Dutch colonial trading settlement.

The story behind its vividness and colorfulness lies that once, way back in 1800s, the then Governor- General of this colonial city, Albert Kikkert, suffered from migraine headaches during his tenure in the region. He very soon realized that it was due to the reflection of sunlight from the white buildings which caused such health problems. After the realization, he gave direct order to paint all buildings of the area with any bright colors other than white. Thus, began the tradition of painting, the mesmerizing Dutch architectural structures, in various colors.

Willemstad, Curaçao 2

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The colors are maintained and are re-painted every year before Christmas in order to keep the tradition alive and to maintain the beautiful and bright landscape of the region.

7. Bo-Kaap, South Africa

Bo-kaap in the old Malay quarter of Cape Town South Africa with Signal Hill behind the colorful homes just before sunset

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Located in the foot of the signal hill in Cape Town, Bo-Kaap is a residential area, which you just cannot miss out when you are out on a mission to visit the colorful and brightest cities of the world. The Georgian and Dutch architectural style buildings, structures, mosques and houses adorn the region from all around.

The area has a rich and vibrant history. During the 16th and 17th centuries, a number of slaves were imported from Malaysia, Indonesia and other African countries. In around 1760s houses were built in this area and were given on lease to the slaves. Soon after, the slaves bought the houses and painted it in bright colors in order to express their freedom and happiness.

bo kaap

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This tradition is still prevalent in the region, because of which as soon as you step down in the region, you will be greeted with dazzling combination of beautiful structures splashed with a bucket of colors which include blues, fuchsia, sunshine yellows, neon greens and various other hues which are alluring and beautiful.

Spend some time here, adorning the beautiful and trendy colors which hugs the houses gleefully and bring life and energy to the area explicitly.

8. Burano, Italy


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Burano is a small, charming town located in the Venetian Lagoon just 40 minutes away from Venice. It has beautiful streets which are adorned with bright hued- houses all along. It is a pleasurable experience to watch both sides of the canal to be ornamented with such hues.

It is an archipelago that has four islands around it connected by bridges. The green water of the canals that separates the islands gets the reflection of the colorful buildings and serves as a wonderful place to spend quality time admiring the beautiful colors all around.

Burano italy

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According to the island lore, it is said that this fisherman town was earlier similar to other towns or cities with no such colorful buildings around. In those days, fishing was the main occupation of the people. In winter mornings the fisherman used to have difficulty in identifying and recognizing their own home due to the heavy fog. It is for this that they came up with the idea of painting their houses in bright and unique hues so that it can easily be identified even from far-away distance. This began the coloring tradition in the region.

The system has become such an integrated part of the town, that if any of the natives want to change the color of their house or add a color to their house, they need to apply for the same to the respective department of the government and if their plea is accepted they are given a chart showing various colors among which they can select the one that they like.

For the visitors, the charm and varied hues of the houses serve to be a cheerful dose which will give them a memorable experience.

9. Wroclaw – Poland


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The city of Wroclaw, today the 4th largest city of Poland, was earlier a part of Germany, Prussia and Austria before Poland. This city has its own cultural identity with a unique and long history which is rare to be found. Despite its tumultuous past, the city has now earned great name and fame as one of the colorful cities of the world.

The buildings of this city are done in classical architecture which is revamped and brought to life by giving it a rich and colorful look. This colorful take on the classical architecture makes it one of the most unique cities to pay a visit to. The old look of the city is complimented explicitly with the various pastels that are splashed on the walls of the structures.

Wroclaw-Poland 2

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Along with the different attractions that it offer, which include hundreds of bridges, landmarks, fine restaurants, cafes and cultural delights, one of the best thing that you will love to explore is the streets with colorful houses and classic design. It adds to the vivaciousness and the cheerful life of the natives and also contributes in making it a famous tourist destination.

10. San Francisco, California

san fran

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Although the Painted Ladies, and the Golden Gate Bridge among others are the most popular spots of San Francisco, but to your utter surprise you will find that the entire city is full of unexpected burst of colors all around. This densely populated peninsular city is one of the most famous cities of the world for its beautiful architecture and for its rich cultural heritage.

As you step down on the streets of the city you will be pleased to see that a rainbow of colors, various pastels, hand-painted letterbox and mismatched garage doors. With the rich architectural structures and brilliantly used hues on them, the city looks completely admirable and beautiful; this makes your stay here a unique and unforgettable one.

The clustered neighborhoods and the colorful mosaics give you an experience worth enjoying every time you step out of the hotel!

sanfrancisco 2

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There are several other cities around the world, like the Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, Izamal in Mexico, Jodhpur in India, Charleston in South Carolina and others which are also known for its variety and distinctive hues with which it is painted all throughout that makes it a unique name in the world. Plan your holiday to these top 10 best and most colorful cities around the world and give your eyes a treat to remember and cherish throughout your life! And Yes, Don’t forget to take your camera with you or else you will miss out capturing your most distinctive experience ever.

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