10 Stunning Wedding Destinations In India To Tie The Knot

India is known for its diverse cultures and landscape which provides just an ideal setting for a stunning wedding. People around the world desire to get the best experience for their wedding. They make sure that everything falls exactly in place – starting from their wedding dress, catering, entertainers, decorations, photographers and most importantly the destination!

Yes, the craze for an ideal wedding destination is increasing rapidly and India has established itself as a magnificent haven for people around the world. From deserts to forests, from hill tops to valleys, from ancient ruins to astonishing forts- India offers varied range of destinations and exotic backdrop that promises to make your wedding a one-of-its-kind and memorable one.


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Here, we put on some of the finest and most wonderful places of India which present some of the stunning and excellent backdrop to have a remarkable wedding. Whether you want to say “I Do”, ‘Qubool Hai” or you want to “tie-a knot” for a lifetime, consider your wedding spot out of these 10 best wedding destinations of India:

1.    Goa – “Wedding Around Beaches”


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If you and your partner are fun-loving individuals then Goa is just the perfect destination for you. It gives you the perfect kind of wedding that you had always imaged of. Full of fun, frolic, excitement and a lot of light-hearted entertainment is what greets you here. The peak wedding season here is from November to February. Plan your wedding during this time and get to experience the perfect weather, ideal pre-wedding shoot destination, enjoy rain dances and the best part is capture some picturesque and wonderful moment of you and your partner.


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Choose your indoor or outdoor destination wisely when planning your wedding as it can rain anytime in Goa. There are also some wonderful resorts that allow you to host or arrange your wedding in a completely customizable way without spoiling the beauty of your imagination. The best part is that you can also experience the Portuguese architecture with your loved one.

2.    Hyderabad – “Get Married In Nizam Style”


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This beautiful city is just perfect and ideal for everyone who is interested to host the wedding like a Nawab. It offers some of the best Palaces which set as an iconic and full Bollywood style destination for your wedding. The beautiful cravings and the integrate wall and glass design of the palaces opens wonderful doors for you and your guests to be awe-stuck among the beautiful spectrum of colors and beautiful designs which adorns the spectacular architecture.


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This City of Nizams or the City of Pearls, Hyderabad, is the most suitable place to take the wedding vows in the royal and romantic way. Don’t forget to give your bride a beautiful pearl set as the wedding gift- this will definitely bless you with a happy married life !!! (Wink, wink, wink)

3.    Mussoorie – “Experience The Magic Of Hills”


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Imagine holding hands of your loved one and taking the vows at the Queen of Hills, nestled around the beautiful and the most scenic landscape that you can ever thought of. Isn’t it magical? Yes, that’s the magic of Mussorie. The cool climate, the breathtaking views and the serene, pollution-free environment is just ideal for your guests to enjoy, your friends to relish the surrounding and for you and your partner to feel the serene magic of romance.


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Plan a pre-wedding photo-shoot in the different Havelis of Mussorie and ignite the light of romance between both of you. Hold hands and step in to the new journey of your life amidst the exotic landscape.

4.    Kerala – “Explore Lovely Layered Landscape With Your Partner”


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The greenery and the backwaters of Kerala attract large number of tourists every year. It has now emerged as a leading wedding destination in India. You can try out different themes for your wedding- elephant wedding or traditional Tamil wedding. Different from the popular north Indian wedding, this is just the best way for you to celebrate the Big-Day of your life in the most unique way.


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The houseboats or the lagoons of Alleypey make just the perfect backdrop for the wedding celebration that will also leave you and your partner with few private moments to spend some time together. How about extending your stay and enjoying the honeymoon there? Think about it!

5.    Rajasthan – “Tie The Knot in the Royal Way”


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The majestic beauty of Rajasthan cannot be explained in words. You will be spoilt for choices here- Udaipur, Jodhpur, Jaipur, Pushkar or Jaisalmer- each city of this state gives you a treat to hold your wedding in the royal way amidst the luxurious and royal backdrop. Pump up the party with royal décor and exclusive ceremonies to make it a remarkable and a memorable one for your guests.


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The grand havelis, the royal palaces and the exotic resorts serves as the romantic ambience to tie the knot. The opportunity to explore the gorgeous sunset around the forts and hills will contribute as the additional Wow- factor in your wedding.

6.    Rishikesh – “Pleasant Environment For Stunning Wedding”


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Known as one of the holiest places of India, choosing Rishikesh as your wedding destination may bring a smile on your elder’s face. Tying the knot on the banks of the Holy River Ganga may make your heart skip a beat. The picturesque and the pleasant setting of the area alone can give you a jaw-dropping experience. And when partnered with the beautiful decorations, the family rituals and your partner beside you- this place becomes the ideal haven where you would want to stay forever.


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Open skies, mountains all around and River Ganga flowing beside, what else you can ask for! This place can guarantee to give you and your partner a divine experience and ideal for your friends to indulge in some adventure, when you are busy with your wedding rituals.

7.    Nasik – “Ideal Setting For Marvelous Wedding”


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The lush lawns, the cool breezes and the scenic landscape are what greet you when you are in Nasik. Plan your wedding around Winter or Spring here and have a beautiful experience of stepping ahead in life with your life-partner. There are various natural places, landscape views and strikingly gorgeous areas nestled around nature which serves as the best place for you to begin the new chapter of your life.


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Apart, from this you can also choose from the large number of resorts, wedding venues and landscape gardens to make your idea of destination wedding a reality. Amidst the grape farms, hills and the unmatched decorations make your wedding an unforgettable one.

8.    Andaman and Nicobar Islands – “Serene Islands For Romantic Wedding”


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The most romantic place to tie knot ever is Andaman and Nicobar islands. A beach wedding, a resort wedding or an adventurous wedding, you can plan anything that you want in these islands. It offers just the perfect backdrop for a scenic and charming wedding that could be decorated with flowers, ribbons or colorful clothes to give it the ideal touch for gratifying your romantic life ahead.


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Begin a new chapter of your life with this pleasing, eye-soothing and mesmerizing venue and start your voyage with your partner in the most romantic way possible. The seashores are always considered to be the best place for beginning a new life with your loved one with the blessings and well-wishes of your friends and family members.

9.    Agra – “Experience The Romance Floating In Air”


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Housing the symbol of love- Taj Mahal, Agra is a wonderful city where romance is always in the air. What can be the perfect destination for celebrating the joyous union of matrimony with your partner? There can’t be any place better than Agra! This city is just perfect for you to hold your wedding in the most opulent, royal and romantic way. The pleasant ambience and the wonderful environment compliment your excitement and give you an experience worth cherishing throughout your life.


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Charmed with the Brij and the Mughal culture, the exotic setting and beautiful landscape of Agra promises to give you the right kind of backdrop to take vows for the new journey of your life. The gorgeous looks of the city and the lovely sight that it offers makes it an interesting point for many couples.

10.    Meghalaya – “Picturesque Landscape, Ideal For Saying I Do”


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Did you always wished to have a unique wedding? How about a tribal wedding? Sound Cool Right!!! Plan your wedding at Meghalaya. One among the Seven Sister States of India, Meghalaya possess the right kind of landscape with mountains, valleys and plateaus which ideally makes you speechless and brings you close to the nature. Avoiding the monsoon season from June to September, you can plan your wedding in any month around the year.


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Putting on the traditional Meghalaya attire on your wedding also introduces you with the cultural intrinsic of the region. It makes your wedding a one-of-its-kind for your guests to experience. Draped in the traditional outfit and holding hand of your partner for the vows with the pleasing picturesque platform is just the ideal way to tie the knot and to make your wedding an unforgettable one.

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