5 Natural Similar-To-Foreign Travel Destinations Of India- Part-II

Plan your holiday, pack your bags and step out to explore some of the wonderful and excellent destinations of India which are a true and actual reflection of mesmerizing international destinations. Unveiling the beauty of this part of Asia always gives you a feeling of triumph in your mind and makes you experience the exotic beauty of the exotic locations. Everybody desires to explore the natural beauty of the world and beginning the journey with your visit India is quite a great idea.


Being a reasonable and comparatively cheap country of the world, it is always a wise decision to travel around the gorgeous landscapes of this country and experience the exact replica of some of world’s popular tourist attraction sans the hefty travel expenses.

Here is the list of yet another set of five exotic and distinguish destinations of India that makes you feel like you are traveling an international location:

1. Munnar in Kerala And Boh Tea Plantation in Malaysia- Greenery All Around


Munnar, Image Source-

Are you in awe with the idea of having green bushes and green landscape all around as far as your eyes can see? Oh then, you have to drop at Munnar in Kerala. This town and hill station is famous for its green landscapes. It gives a stunning and startling view of the hills which are draped in the lush greeneries. The sprawling tea plantations and the winding lanes of the area make it a town just out of the picture-book of the children.

Explore this ideal destination and experience the ample opportunities to be in close association with nature. The rolling hills caressed by the blankets of green bushes give a magnificent view which seems to be a green carpet spread all over the hill slopes.


Boh Tea Plantation, Image Source-

The Boh tea Plantation of Malaysia is held to be a place with tranquil and serene environment all around. Being a must-visit place, this 8000 acres land of tea plantation is an ideal destination to spend your time with your loved one around the green bushes. The narrow roads, the rolling hills and the regular rows of tea perfectly culminate in a truly breathtaking and enchanting ambiance to surround yourself with.

Walking around the green bushes or spending time having a cup of tea in this captivating surrounding refreshes and rejuvenates you to the fullest.

2. Rann Of Kutch In Gujarat And Bonneville Salt Flats In America- Dazzling White Plain Landscapes


Rann of Kutch, Image Source-

Known for its wonderful geographic phenomenon, the Rann of Kutch in Gujarat is an ideal, serene and most unique location that you will ever pay a visit to. It is an area which becomes hard and dried mud during summer whereas turns into a flood-zone area during monsoon.

The salt available in the soil makes it a complete barren place but the arid landscape gives a wonderful view to experience. During the night the entire area shimmers brightly turning it into a massive and pristine destination.


Bonneville Salt Flats, Image Source-

The salt area of Utah covers an area of about 30,000 acres and offers the visitors to explore and see the pristine beauty of nature with their naked eyes. The flat area consists the thick crust of salty soil which prevents vegetation and inhabitation in the region.

On hot days when the heat waves rise from the salty soil it creates a mirage that looks like real and people think it to be a body of water. The magnificent beauty of the area makes it a unique environment to experience and explore.

3. Tulip Garden Of Srinagar And Amsterdam- Vibrant Flowery Landscape


Srinagar, Image Source-

Close your eyes and visualize a scenic landscape with lots of colorful flowers all around? Do you think it can only be true in your dream? Aha. You are definitely wrong. Your dream can turn into a reality with a visit to the tulip garden of Srinagar.This soothing landscape represents timeless regality which offers exotic and brilliant landscape for the people to experience. This is often considered as a savoring paradise and is a treat and eye-candy for every flower-lover. The color combination of tulips makes the entire landscape look like a spell-bound bed of vibrant and luscious flowers.


Amsterdam, Image Source-

The Tulip garden of Amsterdam is known for its exotic and wonderful specimens of tulips available in the most admirable and vivid colors. The beauty of the garden is too splendid, to sum up in words and is too gripping and enthralling to be missed out to experience.

With around 800 varieties of tulips of spectacular and vibrant colors, this garden is a great place to pay a visit at and to have an unforgettable experience.

4. Thar Desert in Jaisalmer And Sahara Desert in Morocco- Dream-Like Deserts


Thar Desert, Image Source-

The Thar Desert of Jaisalmer is a precious gem in the crown of India’s exotic landscape. The vivid picture the brilliance of this sand desert will leave you in awe with the excellence of nature’s creativity. The high sand dunes and the changing hues of the sand as the sun changes its movement is a blissful view to experience.

Take a sneak peek at the renowned Havelis, the classic architecture and the famous lifestyle of the people of Jaisalmer desert and don’t forget to miss out riding on the back of the camel and exploring the vivid picture of the shining sand dunes. Perfectly resembling the beauty of the Sahara Desert, this is an ideal destination for you to land at.

The Sahara Desert, North Africa

Sahara Desert, Image Source-

 The exquisiteness of Sahara Desert of Morocco is world famous. The quintessential Saharan experience includes riding on camel’s back, enjoying the slow pace life of the individuals and appreciating the beautiful and detailed terrain of the region.

The orange sand dune sculptured by the wind and the exotic view that the entire destination definitely promises to give a soulful and quintessential experience that establishes a memorable relationship between you and the spectacular terrain.

5.  Valley Of Flowers, Uttarakhand And Antelope Valley, USA- Spectacle Baroque Of Flowers


Uttarakhand, Image Source-

The Valley of Flowers located in the Chamoli District of Uttarakhand is sprawled in an area of about 87 acres. It is very often said to be the floral paradise on earth for its distinguished landscape and exotic brilliance that bursts into a majestic boom and is worthy to take a watch at.

The spectacular view of the region serves as a majestic and colorful carpet that unfolds a charismatic and charming floral arrangement with flamboyant paddocks, crystalline streams and majestic and eye-pleasing peaks all around. The valley has some lovely strolls with blooming flowers that give an enchanting panoramic view which makes the visitors awestruck with nature.

California Poppies (Eschscholzia californica). Antelope Valley. California, USA

Antelope Valley, Image Source-

The Antelope Valley also gives you the exquisite and pleasant experience of the landscape full of colorful, vibrant and vivid flowers all around. This picturesque area is often considered to be the twin-sister landscape of the Valley of Flowers of Uttarakhand.

The valleys and the hill slopes are covered with beautiful and stunning flowers which give a perfect combination of several colors and scents together.  The gentle slopes and rolling hills make it a comfortable landscape and the mosaic of colors superbly compliments the entire area with the bloomy flora that is a retreat for the nature-lovers.

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