5 Natural Similar-To-Foreign Travel Destinations Of India

Each one of us has a dream to travel to foreign destinations at least once in our lifetime. But, not everyone can fulfill the dream, mostly because of the time and budget involved in it. Even if you plan for 4 to 5 days trip to a foreign destination, it is sure to cost you a lot, especially if you have a limited income and if you are the sole bread-earner of your family. Well, this does not mean that you will never be able to fulfill your dreams.


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India offers you a tremendously wide range of landscape and exotically beautiful locations which are surely going to leave you in awe. You will be surprised to experience and see such great and wonderful destinations in India that are just perfect counterparts of the famous foreign locations. Visiting these stunning destinations of India will help you to get an essence of some of the most popular and amazing places of the world.

Another interesting part of visiting these destinations is that you will just have to shed the minimum amount of money from your pocket and you can witness ideal picturesque spots which are just similar to the beautiful international locations that you had spotted in several travel magazines and where you have planned to pay a visit to. Encounter the feeling of Déjà vu, with these alluring and spectacular natural places of India which are similar to different international destinations.

Here is a list for you, go ahead read and plan your holiday today:

1. Auli In Uttarakhand And Alaska – Snow-Capped Twin Destinations


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If you love snow-capped mountains and is skiing is your cup-of-tea, then you must have Alaska in your traveling list. Have you ever thought what it would be if you can experience the same in India? Couldn’t you believe? But, it’s true.

Auli, a hill station in Uttarakhand is a popular Himalayan Ski destination and resembles the exact beauty and serenity of Alaska. The fascinating landscape of Auli and the snowy peaks of the mighty Himalaya Mountains bless you with spectacular views which are rare to be experienced.


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Alaska is located in the U.S. and it’s known for its serene snowy beauty. It attracts a large number of tourists from all around the globe and always mesmerizes them with its snow-capped exquisiteness.

Experience the snowy miracles of Alaska in the equally beautiful destination located in India- Auli and make your way around the mountains by skiing around the strides.

2. Alleppey in Kerala And Venice In Italy- Perfect Romantic Destinations With Similar Features


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Venice, the capital of Veneto region in the north of Italy, is a beautiful city, built on more than 100 small islands. The most striking feature of this city is that it has no roads, people travel through canals. The gorgeousness of the place casts upon you a magic that you can never replace. Traveling on the boats and enjoying the ride can be the one-of-its-kind and a unique experience of your life.


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Offering the similar feel and beauty in India is the Alleppey in Kerala. This city is located on the Laccadive Sea in Kerala and is extremely popular for its network of soothing canals and lagoons all around. The untouched beauty of the area reflects the dramatic and romantic magic of Venice and is a must-visit for every individual who loves to spend quality time being surrounded by water and majestic locations all around.

It’s the beauty of this region of India, that Alleppey is also fondly known as the ‘Venice Of India’.

3. Canyon at Gandikota Hills in Andhra Pradesh And Grand Canyon In The USA- The Canyon Delights


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The Grand Canyon is located in the northwest corner of Arizona, USA. Popular for its mesmerizing and spectacular landscape, the formation of this canyon was done through specific geological processes by nature and it is extremely well-known for its over-the-top and mesmerizing locations.

The secluded and serene beauty of the Canyon located in the Gandikota Hills of Andhra Pradesh gives you a jaw-dropping experience. It is the splendor of the region which makes it much of a striking natural destination for everyone.


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This gem of India is also compared with the Grand Canyon of USA and is a delightful place to pay a visit to. The fort of Gandikota, which was constructed around 500 years ago, was built near the gorge which has formed between the hills and the River Pennar, which forms the canyon. The charm of the place and the physical features promises to woo you completely.

4. Chitrakoot Falls in Chhattisgarh And Niagara Falls in Canada- The Stunning Waterfalls


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Niagara Falls is the famous waterfall of Ontario. The majestic view of the waterfall and the interesting journey at the top of the hill to experience the water flow down with great speed is considered to be a great adventure for everyone. People around the world visits this place to explore its exotic beauty and to feel the bliss of this majestic Horseshoe Falls.


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Being one of the most impressive and attractive waterfalls of India, Chitrakoot Falls, located in Raipur is a major tourist destination The exceptionally gorgeous look of the waterfall can be experienced during the rainy season when the water gains the brown color of soil which it erodes. Resembling the shape of a horseshoe, Chitrakoot Falls is the largest waterfalls in India. Its eye-catching beauty resembles the serene beauty of the Niagara Falls and gives a picturesque delight for the onlookers.

5. Kashmir And Switzerland – Romantic Destinations With Stunning Sceneries


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The enchanting views of the mesmerizing and gorgeous beauty of Switzerland give an unrivaled experience. The snow-capped mountains, the beautiful locations well-planned trips and most interestingly the easy traveling around the mountain make it the best place to accompany with your partner.

Kashmir, also known as the ‘Switzerland of India’, is a great place in India that is rich in exotic natural sceneries which include valleys, mountain ranges and pine forests and many natural places which will definitely make you experience the wonderful architecture of nature and its brilliance.


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The two destinations are always compared with each other for its desirable, striking and gorgeous similarities which you definitely cannot ignore to experience. Make your fascination come true and plan a trip with your loved one to this romantic destination of India and feel the bliss of visiting Switzerland. Kashmir will definitely leave no stone unturned to give you a memorable and amazing experience and you will surely not regret your decision by visiting this part of India.

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