Cambodia travel destination

Cambodia For You As An Excellent Travel Destination

Cambodia is one of the places which bear deep history, incredible food and culture with beautiful beaches. It has fast become the popular among traveler of any age because there is something in store for everyone.

Whether you are simply planning on heading to relax, get to know the history and culture which will compel travelers across the world to fall in love with it.

Incredible places to visit in Cambodia

  • Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat


A well known sites which is a must see in Cambodia is Angkor Wat. It is known to be the largest monument but the most well preserved of the Angkor group. It is known to be the Seven Wonders of the World.

  • Koh Rong

Koh Rong Island


The second largest island in Cambodia is Koh Rong which is reputed to have a whopping 43 kilometers of beaches, and some of the beautiful ones at that. There are various TV serials which were filmed on the island.

  • Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh


Well this one is the largest and capital of Cambodia and no doubt at a breathtaking and beautiful city. This must be a must stop location for you with incredible restaurants and street food is round at every corner, even the biggest foodies will never get bored.

  • Ream National Park



Whether you love outdoors or not, making it to Ream National Park is surely must. There are epic treks all over the place and countless beaches it offers each traveler a chance to relax and get wonderful views.

Places to stay in Cambodia

  • Belmond La Residence d’Angkor Siem Reap

Belmond La Residence


This is an exclusive hotel directly next to Siem Reap River. The luxurious rooms boast of furnished private balconies with an outdoor swimming pool.

Rooms at La Résidence are decorated with traditional hardwood floors and bamboo furnishings. Each and every room comes with a satellite TV, private bathroom and air conditioning.

The starting price starts at $ 332 per night

  • Raffles Hotel Le Royal



This hotel offers a unique blend of old-charm luxury with private balcony with pool and garden view. There are excellent room services with restaurant bar and free Wifi.

The starting price starts at $245 per night

  • Blue Lime Phnom Penh

Blue Lime Phnom Penh


The Blue Lime Hotel is located in Phnom Penh in a quiet alley within a beautiful and tropical garden just behind National Museum and Royal Palace. There is salt water swimming pool lined with pavilions and lounge chairs with free Wi-Fi.

The starting price starts at $50 per night

  • Chhaya Hotel

Chhaya Hotel


This one is friendly hotel located near Psar Nut market and is just minutes away from the river. We offer 100 clean and well kept rooms with 60 self contained apartment which starts at $20.

Free use of computers with free wifi and free drinking water along with free pick up from bus and boat station is required.

The starting price starts at $3 per night

Eating places in Cambodia

The excellent places where you can indulge in various excellent dishes are numerous in Cambodia. Here are some places which will surely help you.

  • Le Wok

Le Wok


Le Wok is a cheerful place where one can stop for a refreshing fruit cooler or selection of Asian and Western dishes with stir-fries and smoked salmon sandwiches.

  • The Foreign Correspondents’ Club

Foreign Correspondents Club


With excellent views of Tonlé Sap river on one side and the National Museum on other, this restaurant offers wonderful views with excellent choice of foods drawing a wide lot of crowd.

  • Ponlok Restaurant

For upmarket Khmer cuisine, this one is surely a best place to visit. From the upstairs dining area, there are good views of the river with excellent choice of local cuisine.

  • Rendez-Vous

European restaurants in Phnom Penh


This is one of the best European restaurants in Phnom Penh. The menu may look small at first but there is plenty of dishes right there on daily board. There is filet mignon in mustard sauce and Moroccan chicken stuffed with pistachio sauce.

Culture of Cambodia


Culture of Cambodia


Cambodian culture and tradition usually have a rich history which dates back to many centuries. People of Cambodia usually follow the unique tradition of indigenous Buddhism and Hinduism.

Cambodians have been raised to respect the culture as well as tradition in the way of life. Tourist will see well mannered Cambodian expressing a friendly “Chumreap Suor” when they meet someone.

Traditional Dances

Traditional Dances


There are various classical dance forms in Cambodia which a highly stylized art mainly to the courts of the royal palace which is performed by females. This dance form is known as Robam Apsara with the dancers being addressed as Apsara dancers.

Well all these information will surely help you plan an excellent journey to Cambodia.

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