Countries to Visit While You Are On a Budget Travel

Traveling across the world may be a difficult dream as it does require a lot of effort. No matter where you are staying or what continent you belong to, there are places you can visit if you are on a tight budget. In fact there are certain countries with the notion that they are expensive but actually if you know certain tips and tricks then it can be budget friendly. No destination is very expensive. All that is needed is the right budget tips which will help you plan the right trip to these destinations which are the best option to meet friendly locals and travelers and having fun.

Here are few budget friendly destinations which offer you a marvelous holiday to enjoy lavishly well within your budget.


Fiji Shot

We commonly think that all the Pacific Island Destinations are very expensive especially Fiji but in practical sense that is not the case. Fiji is not like its expensive neighbors and is comparatively very cheap. Yes there are many $1,000- a night resorts but you can seriously enjoy a lot with pristine beaches, tasty seafood along with world class diving. With the arising cheap number of backpackers, there are cheap guesthouses, activities as well as transportation in the popular Yasawa Islands. Fiji is certainly an island not to be missed.

Central America


Well do you just want to roam the ancient ruins, surf, trek through the jungle and indulge in delicious food. Then the best places you should visit are the smaller countries in Central America like El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala and Nicaragua. Here there are numerous budget hotels for just a price around $15 per night, meals coming as cheap as $3 with beer coming for less than a dollar. The neighborhood in this place is safe also with no drug activities.

South Korea


South Korea is often regarded as one of the greatest “undiscovered” travel destinations of the world with cheaper process. The food here is wonderful with beautiful countryside and nightlife out of this world. Well if compared with the ratio of $1 landing to 1,100 won. That is the reason why it is impossible to completely bust your budget. A Korean BBQ is complete with drinks charges $8. Still with all these benefits, South Korean is seriously not a country much talked about.

Eastern Europe


Eastern Europe like Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria and Moldova is known to cheapest part of the continent. Here you can live like a king for just $40 per day with paying $8 a night with $1.50 for a liter of beer in Bulgaria along with few dollars used for transportation. Eastern Europe has extra ordinary charm as well as beauty of the west without excessive prices and hordes of tourists.



Not every Euro countries are exactly the same. Portugal is known to one of the bargain countries in the region and certainly the favorite. You will fall in love with this country as soon you visit it the first time. There are beautiful beaches, stunning cliffs, delicious food, historic cities, wine country. Portugal is the best place to avoid the crowd.



Apart from Southeast Asia, there is Cambodia is undoubtedly one of favorite countries. It is very much affordable as well as beautiful and the locals here are very hospitable. You can get a private, air conditioned room for just $ 20 USD, street food for $ 2 and transportation across the country for just $20. Here if you are spending $ 50 here then you are living large.



China has influenced the world with its beautiful tourist attractions. To be honest, China is not anymore so cheap but it still remains to be one of the budget destinations. Hostels cost less than $20 a day with food just $2-5 per meal with local transportation being very cheap.

Well there are various destinations in the world which can be visited on a tight budget. Your travel is much more interesting if you are on a budget and is planning a budget travel.

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