Cultural and Gastronomical Symphonies of Malaga

Spain is truly coming out as one of the top destinations of Europe which is waiting to witness several thousand tourists this year, all around the world. This is not by a chance or some fluke. From a long time people were intrigued by Spanish culture, its climate (a moderate one) and culinary delights. As culture of Spain was immensely influenced by Arabs so it offers a nice variation from usual trend. Among top trendy destinations of Spain, Malaga is one.

Malaga can be essentially termed as the cultural centre of the country. Recently the Pompidou Centre has opened up its first branch outside Paris. Take a look at the spectacular glass building namely ‘The Cube’ located at the revamped Marina. Not only an architectural marvel but also an artistic one too, ‘The Cube’ is the house of permanent collections of modern art pieces and also showcases modern dance, cinemas and videos. Incidentally the City of Malaga is the birthplace of the artistic genius namely Pablo Picasso. One of the recent developments of the art world is that St Petersburg State Russian Museum has decided to open one of its branches here in Malaga. It will hold art exhibits from period of 15th to 20th centuries. After opening of the Museum of Fine Arts and Archaeology in the later part of 2015, triad of such cultural gemstones will be completed.

Paseo Maritimo (promenade), Malaga, Andalusia, Spain

Apart from acting as cultural centre, Malaga is a gourmet’s delight. This mountainous terrain includes all climates, suitable for growing variety of produces.

Malaga’s food scene
Malaga is rapidly emerging as the centre of Andalucían gastronomy. People of Malaga hold an emotional connect with food dishes and it is a pleasurable affair for them rather than pretentious. They are proud of their family recipes and food is a medium of connecting with friends and relatives. After taking a dip at its history some interesting facts emerge like Malaga is the home of largest number of goat breeders of Europe and that half of whole world’s olive is produced here. So next time you cook with extra virgin oil of Italy, it may have actually grew in Malaga.
One of the most quality sardines, anchovy, shellfishes, tropical fruits and avocadoes are produced in this region. Malaga is the last European resort of cane honey or molasses.

Sollo restaurant

Malaga has a dry and steep terrain and that is why it is unsuitable for quality wine production. However local variety of wine namely Moscatel is produced here. There are white, red, dessert and rose wines as well as Sherries.
Busy tapas bars of Malaga are famous for raciones of cods and swordfishes. Malaga is the holder of Roman food troikas namely wheat, wine and olive oil. A colorful blend of European and Asian culinary fares can be watched in the introduction of coriander, saffron and rice. These ingredients were introduced with the Arabian rule. In fact Andalucean foods are a blend of Asian and across the Atlantic and Mediterranean culinary culture.

Where to eat
Arte De Cozina, Antequrra: The owner does not want to term it as a restaurant but a place of gastronomical art. Instead of menus you will receive copies of old recipes and interesting history associated with them. Some of the exclusive food fares are porras or dips, chicken escabeche, quails in gazpacho, pelona de lomo or a buttery beef dish and empedraillo (chick-pea broth).
Among desserts one that sounds Arabic almojabana, is a sort of cheesecake.

Dips at Arte de Cozina.

Oleo, Malaga: Delicious tasting food fair waits for you here with a menu of slow-cooked pork ribs in garlic, croquettes made from meat-and-bechamel dipped with mint and mackerel sushi.
Restaurante Sollo, Benalmadena: This restaurant offers you some extraordinary dishes that are ambitious in nature. This includes caviar, sturgeon meat, ox steak, trout ceviche, roasted water melon in vermouth and red fruit etc. Most beautiful thing is these are all some well presented dishes.
Traga Tapas, Ronda: One of the most innovative of all Tapas in Malaga, this is a friendly place that can be even washed with local organic wine namely Schatz.

Tapas from Malaga province

Where to stay
Room Mate Larios, Malaga
Topmost quality of this hotel is that it is located at Malaga’s main squares. Extraordinary refurnishing has added glamour to original fittings of art deco. In the evening the roof terrace of Larios becomes a meeting place for young hearts. The ground-floor bar is a piece of beauty.

Molina Lario, Malaga

Once again this hotel is comfortably located near the Central Plaza and the cathedral, just across the harbor. It has good restaurants, great breakfasts and rooftop pool.
In earlier days Malaga used to act as an airport transit for tourists travelling with packaged tour operators but not anymore. If you want to witness Spain’s modern cultural hub then go and take a look at Malaga. In addition this place is one of the topmost destinations for gourmet travelers.

Malaga has adventure tours too in her kitty. For related information, you may visit our travel blog .

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