Exclusive Things To Do At Tam-Awan Village, Baguio City

Well the pride of Baguio City rests in the exclusive heritage and wealth right from the pre to post American era with some parts still untouched right from civilizations in case of old traditions from its Cordilleran roots.

Right in the major parts of the cities, several American influences on Baguio City are seen namely Camp John Hay along with wide periphery of Session Road, the Cordilleran influence on the other hand which is evident right on the hillsides of the downtown of the city leading all the way to La Trinidad.

This one is unique village which exclusively breeds the Cordilleran craftsmanship with the power of Mother Nature and Tam- Awan Village manifests an experience which is extraordinary for visitors.

Here are some of the notable elements; here are 8 things to do at Tam Awan Village.

1. Hiking Around The Village

Village hiking

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With rubber shoes and comfy hiking, take the rugged footpath right inside the village and take a hike right through its hillside forest. You may catch the view of various fascinating birds of sounds and colors along with wild plants.

This experience will present you with the chance to get in touch with thickness of nature to the point of emitting a sense of solitude.

2. Stay In The Cordillera Huts

Cordillera huts

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Just experience the feel of what is like to sleep right within the indigenous confines of Cordilleran Huts. This one is carefully made with authentic craftsmanship with the Ifugao and Kalinga huts which is placed right around the village rendering one of kind of experience in Baguio City.

The good thing is that there are huts are made in excellent styles meeting the preferences of people. The huts mainly the Kalinga are really basic lodgings which are made with hard wooden walls along with cogon roofing and most access right to the communal toilet with Ifugao Huts having private bathroom in some units.

3. Opting For Portrait

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Creating a self portrait is what all people deserve. You can indulge in drawing the village’s resident’s artists and ask them to draw the portrait inside the village. They can beautifully express the spirit which dwells right within you.

4. Eat Well Extra-Ordinary

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You can deliciously taste the excellent cuisine which is lovingly prepared by various staff of Tam-Awan Café.

Delicious servings are usually made with homegrown crops and local ingredients made from unique deep fried green chili pepper stuffed with cheese along with chicken which is cooked in creamy broth with rice and dried meta or salads with highland vegetables along with smoked meat. Filipino breakfast is served with eggs along with coffee or mountain tea or pesto pasta and more.

When you are waiting for the order to arrive, one will get impressive sight of exclusive paintings which is coated on the café walls gifted by Tam-Awan artists.

5. Influencing Right Into Art


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With an environment which is fueled with creativity and color, it is best to natural to engage in art at Tam-Awan Village.

For a minimal fee, one can learn the various aspects of basic and solar drawing, oil pastel with water color painting along with wood Carving with bamboo craft as well as portraiture and dream catcher making.

6. Taking Part In Picnic


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Bring the friends with their pre-packed food right inside the village and enjoy the meal in the middle of the village’s verdant with the excellent open-air surrounding. This will require a 200 php fee which is good for nearly 10 people right on the top of the entrance fee.

7. Have A Bonfire


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Right from 6 to 11pm, one can indulge in spending an extraordinary evening right with the group around a bonfire which is traditional in the Cordilleran way. One can bring the preferred beverages as well as finger foods or orders from cafe with exclusive dancing and musical instruments fulfilling a beautiful moment right next to village’s heritage.

8. Arranging For An Event

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The village of Tam-Awan offers offers charming facilities and activities. The place is quite fit to even hold a feast inside. One can celebrate the wedding, birthday or any possible business events with various numbers of guests say 40 guests for just the amount 8,000 php.

So whenever you are a trip to Baguio city, make sure to visit Tam-Awan Village and exclusively experience for yourself for the extraordinary activities one can have considered it is not just within the village but in the whole of Baguio City.

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