Myriad Flavors of Tasmania

If you are planning a tour in Australia this year then why do not heading towards Tasmania? Do not underestimate this place as it has numerous gems to be explored and enjoyed by both an onshore and an offshore tourist. Still the last Ice Age, Tasmania was cozily attached with the Australian mainland and its aboriginal population dated back to some 35,000 years. Island got its name from the famous Dutch explorer Abel Tasman who reported its sight in the year 1642. British colonial occupation saw convict settlers who build agriculture and various other industries.

Today Tasmania boasts some of countries most scenic venues, adventure trips, food and wine trips; road trips and wildlife tours. Not only this, Tasmania is renowned for its vibrant festivals too. Let us explore them in brief details so as to make your 2015 tour to Tasmania pinned in to your board of lifelong memory.

Exploring the Mystery of Tasmania’s North-west Wilderness

Cradle Mountain

Cradle Mountain National Park lets you explore Tasmania’s wild soul with greater accessibility than forested interiors. Included tracks are comprised of famous multi-day hiking trips of Australia, the Great Overland Track. A treasure-trove of Australian wildlife, wombats are abundantly found particularly during the sunset at Rony Creek Valley where Tassie Devils, red-necked Wallabies, Platypus and Pademelons are guaranteed sights.

Cradle Mountain

Corinna Wilderness

Here comes a sweet surprise on the way to explore Tasmanian wilderness when you visit former mining town of Corinna that is comprised of wooden buildings huddled against the banks of Pieman River and neighboring dense forest. It’s a dried up village about a century old. These heritage buildings now act as eco-cottages and here you can opt for nature walks, seeing the wildlife from close quarters and going for a boat ride on the river on a wooden boat called Arcadia II.

river on a wooden boat

Penguins at the City of Penguin

Justifying its name, Fairy Penguins visit its shores after sunsets from mid-September to April. Lalico Beach witnesses largest influx of Penguins where a park ranger resides to answer every question. Other spots are West Beach and Sulphur Creek.

City of Penguin

Platypus of Latrobe

Latrobe is called as the ‘Platypus capital of Tasmania’. Close to the hours of sunset in spring or summer time, the bank of Mersey River, which comes under Warrawee Forest Reserve, is a hotspot of finding this rare and interesting animal. For this you may take the help of a guide from Latrobe Visitor Centre.

Platypus of Latrobe

Stanley’s Seals

At every bend of Stanley, a heritage building is located, which speaks enough of its rich historic lineage. But here I shall stress upon the 75 minutes informative Stanley Seal Cruises that operate from the harbor area and takes you to an interesting trip to Bull Rock where a number of Australian Fur Seals are found. Lucky visitors could capture the sights of Bottlenose Dolphins, Great White Sharks and numerous shore birds.

Stanley’s Seals

Tasmanian Adventure Tours

Feeding a Tassie Devil

Looks are deceptive and the Tassie Devils prove this concept very well. Tasmanian Devils (Tassie Devils) are endangered species that are protected through various Conservation Laws and you can visit them at ‘The Tasmanian Devil Conservation Park’ in Hobart. These cute looking marsupials’ ferocious nature is projected during its feeding time. So if you are here then do not miss this event.

Feeding a Tassie Devil

Tarkine Bush-walking

Tarkine is located amidst of a large temperate rainforest and the land is pretty virgin. Go for a multi-days hike through the Tarkine Trail to explore this primeval marvel. A proficient tracker would guide you through various camp sites comprised of mossy and ancient, giant trees. The surroundings would remind you of scenes from ‘The Lost World’.


Sunset Kayaking

Located at the Eastern coast of Tasmania, Coles Bay is ideal for taking a kayaking trip on the backdrop of an idyllic sunset. The Freycinet Adventures hold such trips along the coastline of the ‘Freycinet National Park’. For the beginners it’s a 3 hour long trip while the veterans can opt for 2 days long trip on their hired kayaks. Watching the turquoise waters and peeping white sand beach is an experience in itself.

Sunset Kayaking

Mountain Bikers of Mt. Wellington

If you are an avid biker then you may opt for the springtime biking trip to Mt. Wellington in Tasmanian capital of Hobart. Specialized mountain bikes on rent are available in town. The trail itself is just amazing to say the least which meanders through Eucalyptus trees and passes through volcanic rocks. On the way there is a thrilling 10 kms vertical descent to Glenorchy Bike Park.

Mountain Bikers

Food and Wine Trips of Tasmania

Food dishes

Tasmania has a separate identity in cuisines and wine varieties from Australian mainland. Popular, sumptuous dishes are made of sea foods such as scallops, lobsters, salmons, oysters and local wild fishes such as Blue Eyed Travalla. Fresh, locally grown berries, apples, cherries and truffles make for excellent deserts while animal products such as cheese, venison, lamb meat and Wagyu beef make for excellent dishes. If you are in Tasmania then please try out Scallop pies and Mutton Bird; 2 excellent local products, one can even die for.

Food dishes

Famous wines

Because of its cool climate wines like Pinot Noir and Champagne in addition with Sparkling Wines are abundantly manufactured. In addition the green and clean environment makes way for gin, whiskey and cider varieties. Several wineries let tourists the gift of wine tasting.

Famous wines

Accomodation options

• Apartments– Choose apartments if you are planning to stay here for long amidst of homely comfort. Some options are as follows:

i) Pol and Pay Holiday Cottages
ii) Rosebank Cottage Collection
iii) Sherwood View Accommodation

• Camping and caravan sites– For adventure lovers camping and caravan sites are ideal places to stay in. Some options are as follows:
i) Hobart Airport Tourist Park
ii) Mersey Bluff Caravan Park

• Hostels- Budget accommodations are available at hostels. Some options are as follows:
i) Narrara Backpackers
ii) Roseberry Cabin and Tourist Park
iii) Launceston Backpackers

• Hotels and motels- Some options are as follows:
i) Sportsman Hall Hotel
ii) Claremont Hotel
iii) Menai Hotel Motel and Function Centre

• Luxury resorts- Some options are as follows:
i) Country Club Tasmania
ii) Peninsula Experience, The
iii) Mountain Valley Wilderness Holidays
Take a look at Tasmania as I am sure the trip will remain as one of your fondest ones. Come to Tasmania and soak in its various moods.

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