NYC For You In A Whole New Light

There is something about New York City which is certainly easy to love. Just believe the fact that you can hear four different languages in just the span of one short metro ride. Or take the chance that you may come across a restaurant which will serve you the rarest of cuisines. In this city, you may also get judged no matter who you are, what look like or what you wear or how you talk.

Well to be honest Times Square, Brooklyn Bridge, Statue of Liberty and other flashy New York sights will surely evoke a common feeling like that of other travelers. Well if you are part of the city even for a few weeks then this will be something which you will love.

Slow traveling in NYC
  • Fall colors along Riverside: In the crisp autumn sitting under a tree with its leaves bursting in shades of yellow, orange and red, you will feel great with not a single soul in sight. Ditch the crowds of Central Park and soak up the excellent fall colors right on the long walk in Riverside Park or just skip to my favorite spot past Riverside Church.


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  • Gazing at the stars: is surely a great opportunity. You will spot the Orion Nebula or Saturn right amid the bright lights and surely not-so-dark skies. But not every Thursday night, Columbia Astronomy Outreach is open to public right on rooftop of Columbia University and also to the tunes with the telescopes in the night sky with captivating space related documentary screenings.
  • Cycling along the Hudson River: No matter what is weather, whiz along the breezy Hudson River right in two wheels past the dock of the boat with New Jersey on the horizon. Spotting an occasional kayaks and yachts right in the distance and see the sunset cast a golden glow right on the waters giving the locals of New York a great feeling.

 Hudson River

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  • Unforgettable sunsets: Chasing sunsets is certainly not something great but you stay in a place for one then the awesome will find you. The best one is besides the Hudson River right on Staten Island Ferry and surely from Brooklyn Bridge Park. The former connects Manhattan well with Staten Island with the skies glowing crimson red with the Statue of Liberty standing ahead.

Unforgettable sunsets

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  • Free Wifi and ice skating at Bryant Park: The exclusive place to go on a warm fall day is Bryant Park which is a green oasis which is surrounded by midtown skyline with free Wifi and plenty of unexpected conversations. Right in the winter, it will be a free ice skating rink.
Vegan (and vegetarian) Food in NYC

vegetarian Food

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Trying vegan food or opting for them is surely not that bad an idea. New York is surely a vegan’s foodie’s delights offering exclusive and tasty food to one and all.

  • Best vegan food: There is the popular Peacefood cage which offers excellent menu right from the vegetarian option. In the menu, there is chickpea fries to vegan pizzas along with sandwiches to yummy vegan and desserts. French-horn mushroom focaccia sandwich with slice of good old chocolate cake.
  • Awesome vegan burgers: Just image the concept of veg burgers. In Organic Grill in East Village with their Green Machine burger with crispy roasted mushroom patty topped with Portobello mushrooms, homemade pesto and cheese is surely pure happiness. You can try black bean burgers and sweet potato fries.
  • Rare vegan friendly cuisines: More than a variety of rare cuisines one would love the fact that many of them in New York are certainly vegan friendly. You can try to Somalian food at Safari, Ethiopian food at Massawa with weekend Sri Lankan buffet at Lakruwana on Staten Island.
  • Vegan-friendly supermarket: There are many small natural/organic markets right across New York but nothing compares to Whole Foods Market which carries vegan chocolates and vegan pesto, health food which can be easily be mixed in everyday cooking, vegan cake slices, soya, oat and hemp milk and also natural cola made with cane sugar and no chemicals.
Cultural diversion in NYC

Cultural diversion in NYC

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North America is never associated with culture but NYC offers an interesting melting pot of unique cultures and there are various occasion which one can surely enjoy.

Flamenco and sangria: Right outside of Cordoba in Andalusia, there are two popular flamenco shows like Alegrias La Nacional Theatre which will surely blow once mind. There are various shows offering world-renowned artists with pitchers of sangria and tapas.

Shabbat with a Jewish family: Well there is popular home of a Jewish family for Shabbat and the Friday night ritual reflect with the wine-blessing, ritual hand-wash and home-made challah to EatWith offering a platform connecting chefs hosting dinner at home with foodies.

Sufi music: The Rumi worshipper fan can witness two mesmerizing performances by the acclaimed Amir Vahab and his ensemble. You can read out Rumi’s poetry in Persian and is performed with instruments like tanbour which dates back over 5,000 years.

A civil / criminal court in session: New York’s civil and criminal courts are open to public and it was quite a discovery. This scene is quite like a movie and you can come sit and enjoy the arrangement. This scene is an eye opener in terms of racial disparity.

Harlem farmers market: Mangoes are really great and farmers all over Harlem gather at 125th street to sell locally grown and produced vegetables, fruits, wines, pickles, bread and even vegan food.

See New York in a whole new light offering you the much needed glory and glamour to all the travel enthusiastic that come to visit the city offering a whole new different opportunity.

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