On a Trip to the World of ‘Aloha’

The word ‘Aloha’ and Hawaii islands are synonymous. This word has divergent meanings as it is used to signify both meeting and parting in local dialect. Hawaii is the most recent state of USA having been incorporated in the year 1959. This archipelago is the only state of USA that is located in the Central Pacific ocean and this is entirely made of islands. This state is amazingly attractive and scenic for people across the globe and myriads of activities are here to engage all you tourists. If you love sand, sea and tropical weather then Hawaii islands will be a quintessential favourite for you.


The city of Honolulu is the most populous and biggest city of the archipelago. This city is located in the island called Oahu that served as an important naval base for USA during the World War-II. Who has not heard the name of Pearl Harbour? Even those who had watched the famous Hollywood movie of the same name, has a bit of idea about what it is. Let us check out the main attractions of Hawaii for a first time visitor.

  • Oahu

USS Arizona Memorial that is located at the Pearl Harbour comes at top in the list of most visited place in Honolulu. Every year millions of Americans and people from other parts of earth throng this place to see the spot where World War-II directly began for USA. Among nine most prestigious sites of historic importance in USA that were engaged in the war, five are included in Pearl Harbour.

Pearl Harbour is the biggest natural harbour that comes within Hawaiian territory. Ancient Hawaiians referred this place to be ‘Pu’uloa’ or the ‘water of pearl’, truly describing this place that was once populated with pearls in the water.

Except for days of holidays, free tours to Pearl Harbour are available from 8 am to 3 pm.

  • Waikiki Beach

This is a global hotspot comprising of amazing nightlife, restaurants that serve authentic Hawaiian cuisines, art, music etc. Interestingly Waikiki Beach used to be the gathering point for Hawaiian royalty. Waikiki means ‘sprouting water’. This point towards once flowing fresh water rivers that entered through this beach. Unique products that you can only find in Honolulu are sold at Hula Lehua and Martin & MacArthur. Indulge in some lip smacking sushi rolls made innovatively at Doraku. Great drinks and live music is offered at Sheraton Waikiki. Kuhio Avenue offers amazing splash of drinks at various bars located across here. Gourmet travellers find their heaven at Kapahulu where you can find authentic dishes of Hawaii and burgers.


Waikiki was the vacation capital for Hawaiian royalty. Later foreigners use to throng this place after 1830. Nowadays beach area is lined by reputed resorts, shopping centres, bars and restaurants. Famous American celebrities used to visit this place like Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, Shirley Temple and Clarke Gable.

  • Northern Shore of Oahu

You can say this place to be the lifeline of surfers. In the months of winter, the Northern shore of Oahu witness enormous waves. The coastlines are wonderfully scenic. World famous surf spots are Sunset Beach, Waimea Bay and Ehukai Beach. Historic town of Hale’iwa is located here. In the year 1898, the first hotel namely ‘Hale’iwa’ was opened here by Benjamin Dillingham. This town is one of the most famous places to visit in the entire archipelago of Hawaii. Populated with numerous food shops, art galleries, gift shops, yoga studios, surf shops, food trucks and most importantly a relaxed crowd, Hale’iwa is a hotspot for tourists in general.


If you are in Hale’iwa and have not still visited the Shrimp Truck of Giovanni then your next most important thing is to go and take a look. Its plate of garlic shrimp is world renowned. Take a stroll to Laniakea Beach and Waimea Bay. Laniakea Beach has a spectacular scene waiting for you and that is to see Green Hawaiian Sea Turtles at their natural habitat.

  • Kauai

Surely you have been to various scenic places on earth but the coastline of Na Pali will force you to say some words in the appreciation of her beauty. If you are in Hawaii tour then this place should be a priority to your trip. Rich cultural history of the archipelago can be witnessed here. Hawaiian Ali’I royalty was based here once. Bask in the abundance of Hawaiian flora and fauna, freshwater rivers flow lavishly while there are a number of waterfalls too. This valley is the food reserve for the whole of the Hawaiian archipelago. Sweet potatoes, taro, breadfruits and fresh sea and river fishes are carried form here. This coastline can be reached via waterways only. That is why this place has remained somewhat isolated from crowd of tourists.


Various tour operators organize scuba diving and snorkelling trips. They also arrange for sunset dinner cruises. You can also avail exploration tour to the remote island of Nualolo Kai by sea and take on to snorkelling and scuba diving. Here you can also visit an eight hundred years old Hawaiian fishing village.

Terrestrial exploration can be undertaken through Kalalau Trail. Numerous wonders are waiting for you to be explored like natural waterfalls, rare tracks of ecosystem, gorgeous beaches of Kalalau and Hanakapi’ai and rugged coastlines. Please avoid the time between mid-septembers to May for at that time the terrain conditions are pretty bad.

Hawaii is not only popular for Honolulu but also on its own and with its entirety. Amazing scenes and warm people- Hawaii is a natural choice for people seeking a relaxed tour.

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