Planning an exclusive honeymoon to the tropical terrain of Tahiti and French Polynesia

One of the travel trips which include a wide lot of planning on the behalf enthusiastic is the Honeymoon. Honeymoon destinations should offer the much needed tranquility, the perfect surroundings and most importantly the perfect environment and natural surroundings offering the perfect bliss and solitude required to cherish the love among the couple. With deep pondering, here is one of the finest destinations which offer the unique possible romantic experiences by the name French Polynesia.

French Polynesia

With the skies well sculptured along with turquoise lagoons, this sultry place offers a warm laid back refreshing and ideal for any newlywed. There are plenty of slim stretches of beautiful white, pink as well as black sand beaches surrounded high islands covered on all sides by reef. The clear waters as well as coral gardens offer the exclusive opportunity to see fish, dolphins, sharks, rays and turtles.

There lies Tahiti, the mere word which conjures beautiful images of hibiscus flowers, dancers in glass skirts, humid breeze over the blue sea.

Places to see

Here are some of the exclusive places to visit on the island of French Polynesia and Tahiti which will surely fill your days with romance and joyous experience.



Here is a beautiful picturesque village Papenno. There is a beautiful long bridge which will take you across the Papenno River cutting across the ancient crater rim to Relais de la Maroto starting from the west of the river.

Cathédrale Saint-Michel


This church was fully restored in the year 2011 and was said to have been built between 1839 and 1848. This church beholds a colorful scene on each and every Sunday morning when it is filled with devout congregation singing hymns together.

Papeete Inner Island tour


Plan an exclusive adventurous to the untamed and splendid rainforest to discover of the beautiful jewels of Tahiti. You can discover the best of Papeete on a safari trip which is certainly not accessible by various tourists. You can also enjoy a beautiful panorama view of some of the highest peaks like Orohena, Tetufera, Teamaa and Aorai.

Moorea Snorkeling Safari

Moorea Snorkeling

You can indulge in a great adventure in the exclusive blue waters of Moorea’s lagoon with a favorable stop at Opunohu’s Bay. You can enjoy the exclusive underwater world of exotic fish as well as colorful corals at the Sting Ray Paradise.

Take your loved ones to a magnificent small island which is surrounded by beautiful white sandy beaches along with beautiful coconut trees.

Moorea Circle Island and Belvedere Lookout


If you are looking for a splendid and marvelous journey along the coastline to the beautiful Belvedere lookout offering splendid views of Cook’s Bay and Opunohu as well as Cook’s Bays then plan an exclusive journey to Moorea.

Relax with your partners as you enjoy the beautiful perfect view to this perfect island past the coffee and pineapple plantations.

Where to Stay


Supporting the growing tourism industry, there are numerous hotels and resorts which offer every possible elements of luxury to the international and national tourists gathering here.

InterContinental Bora Bora & Thalasso Spa

This 5 star hotel or resort is located on Motu Piti Aau and exclusively features an exclusive private beach surrounding several private villas each offering a shaded terrace along with stunning views of the beautiful Bora Bora.

Sofitel Moorea la Ora Beach Resort

This beautiful resort is located on the iconic Tahiti Island featuring white sand beach along with spectacular views of the crystal lagoon. There are numerous elegant bungalows offering beachfront and garden views.

Maitai Lapita Village Huahine

This beautiful resort is set against tropical gardens on the beautiful white sand beach featuring exclusive swimming pool along with bar and restaurants.

Culinary Delights of French Polynesia


Fresh Seafood:  One of the staple Tahitian diets is undoubtedly fresh fish like tuna, mahi-mahi, bonito along with several deep sea offerings like octopus, parrot fish, river prawns.

Poisson cru: This dish is known to be Tahiti’s national dish and is addressed as Poisson cru which is raw red tuna well marinated in a delicious as well as aromatic blend of coconut milk as well as lime juice.

Fruits: Fresh fruits like pineapples, coconut as well as banana are extremely popular in the region and are certainly one of the staple foods of the region and are suddenly fresh picked and are certainly one of the favorite.

So enjoy the beautiful trip to this beautiful tropical terrain French Polynesia and plan an extravagant honeymoon there.

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