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Some Beautiful Desolated Wonderful Places on Earth

Well the world is forever changing as well as sometimes shrinking. You will surely feel that there are no places left in the world for you to visit and feel the real essence of the travel destinations. There are some places which are certainly off beaten and simply retain their allure along with their being difficult to reach. Here are six of the most remote and beautiful destinations on the earth which are simply spectacular and still somewhat a little mysterious.

Deception Island, Antarctica

Deception Island,_Antarctica

Remote: This island is located nearly 11,963 kilometers from Toronto as well as 13,764 kilometers from London.

Why visit: This beautiful island is situated north of Antarctic Peninsula with a protected interior port. This island is the partially submerged caldera of an active volcano. This island has long provided safe harbour sailors who are being tossed in the stormy seas.

Not to miss: Never miss here to explore the remains of Hektor Whaling Station along with the largest cemetery in Antarctica.

How to get there: Reach Buenos Aires where you can take a regional airline or get ready for a 50-hour bus ride to Ushuaia. Once you reach there, you will have to secure a overnight passage through the infamous Drake to the South Shetlands.

Easter Island, Chile

Easter Island,_Chile

Remote: This island is located nearly 8,438 kilometers from Toronto and 13, 628 kilometers from London.

Why visit: Easter Island is remote as well as popular tourist attractions and completely remote. The biggest tourist attractions here are reputedly the giant moai monoliths. Despite the island location, they have been calling in travelers for centuries. But the iconic statues are protected by UNESCO. You can meet and interact with inhabitants of the world’s remote island.

Not to miss: Not to be missed here is the Easter Island’s caves where lava flows towards the sea through channels which when cooled turns into caves. These caves were used by the Rapa Nui as shelter and places where rituals are performed.

How to get there: Reach Santiago where you can take another flight to Easter Island which is six hours in air. You would surely love the adventure over there and enjoy it.

Urumqi, China


Remote: This place is located at 10,196 km from Toronto and 6,224 kilometers from London

Why visit: The city holds the record of being the most remote place from any sea. It is nearly 2500 kilometers away from the nearest coastline. There are Cyrillic signs and kebab stands lending the Central Asian Feel.

Not to miss: This area looks like Swiss Alps with snow-capped mountains and turquoise lakes where you can spend time hiking and horseback riding and just relaxing in the views.

How to get there: Well the island might be remote but you can reach there by a number of airlines. Just get to Beijing and then ride a airline or opt 33 hour train ride.



Remote: It is 14,318 km from Toronto and 9,042 km from London.

Why Visit: This is the fourth largest island in the world. There are wild landscapes, beaches and culture with exclusive cultures. Right from endless jungles filled with rare birds, endemic plants and endangered animals. You can also experience the white-sand beaches of the Malagasy islands with limestone karst formations of Ankarana, the island is an exceptional explosion of nature at every turn.

Not to miss: You can experience the performance of the endangered lemur. In here you will find 90 percent of the surviving global population of lemur here.

How to get there: You can try the boats which are available from Madagascar’s Toamasine east coast right to Mauritius via Reunion. You can also take regular flights from Paris to Antananarivo

Svalbard Archipelago, Norway

Svalbard Archipelago_Norway

Remote: It is located 5, 388 km from Toronto and 3,053 km from London.

Why Visit: Here you can follow the close encounters with glaciers and icebergs with exclusive wildlife. You can enjoy Svalbard Archipelago by ship or on foot or via Zodiac. If you are fortunate enough, you can see roaming polar bears, colonies of birds, reindeer and seals.

Not to miss: The must see animals which is top of the list in the island is polar bears with various other animals like arctic fox, reindeer, seabird colonies.

How to get there: Just reach Oslo and then take a flight north of the Arctic Circle to the city of Tromso. You can also catch a flight to Longyearbyen which is Svalbard’s largest settlement.

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