Some Unique Factors of Australian Tourism in 2015

Gourmet Trips: Australia is a versatile country with a myriad of weather, vegetations, animals and birds. The country is a conglomerate of migrants from all around the globe. That’s why it is a treasure trove of cuisines from geographic length and breadth. Many festivals, food trails, food workshops and trips are organised that attract fanatical foodies from long stretches.


Food safaris are organised and if you have chalked out your Australian trip in view of an International food festival then what a great delight! Locally produced fresh products plus exquisite quality wines have an amazing symphony.

In fact Australian smorgasbord is famous for its big heartedness. You’ll have a gourmet delight at Sydney and Melbourne but to know Australia’s indigenous dishes, you’ll need to come out of your comfort zone and traverse far interiors of the continent country. The island of Tasmania is gaining in popularity amidst foodie map for its fresh seafood and top quality wine. You can also have a personal chit-chat with producers that would expand your knowledge base and complete your curiosity factor.


Famous wine sections are Yarra Valley, Margaret River valley, Hunter Valley, Canberra, King Valley, Mornington Peninsula and Tasmanian ‘Southern Wine Route’.


Sporting Event Trips: As we all know that Sports and Tourism have strong bonding and whenever an international sporting event is organised, the place come at forefront of tourism.

2014 VRC Brief: Melbourne Cup Day - Fashion

This year many such events would be hosted by Australia. Coming 3rd November Melbourne would be gripped with carnival fever with the onset of Emirates Melbourne Cup, 2015. High street fashion comes alive with this horse racing competition.


Year begins with some famous surfing competitions like ‘Hurley Australian Open of Surfing’ and great Tennis festival in the form of Australian Open. Surfing competitions would let you explore iconic beaches of the country.


Theatre Trips: You may call Australia to be the cradle of big musicals in the whole Southern Hemisphere. Venue for Hollywood and local biggies of musicals like that of the return of iconic Disney production ‘The Lion King’ in Melbourne, in November; Royal Shakespearean production ‘Matilda the Musical’, still playing in Sydney; or chart buster stage performance ‘Dirty Dancing’ that is been eagerly waited in Adelaide for its October shows.

Performing arts would help in enhancing the charm of your stay in Australia. So please keep aside time for these events and catch a lifetime experience.


Soft Adventure Trips: Not all of us are hardcore adventurers but most of us like tinges of adrenaline pumping activities and here also Australia would not disappoint you. Stunning natural escapes blended with exciting activities; that’s what the country is.

Adventure Trips

Biggest trend this year is a combination of gourmet travels with safari-styled or glamping kind of lodging. Term ‘glamping’ is the coining of 2 words; glamorous and camping. Some trending destinations are Top End’s Bamurru Plains, Kimberley’s El Questro, Uluru’s Longitude 131 and Ningaloo Reef’s Sal Salis.

In addition those who can spare a more on adventure can go for famous hiking trips at Blue Mountains; Great Barrier Reef’s diving trips; surfing in the Gold Coast (and its stunning Meter Maids); 4WD adventure trips at Australian Outback.


Aqua Trips: How about appreciating nature behind the waters? Australia offers you ample of such opportunities in the way of its southern shore’s shark cage diving; swim trips with sea lions; or some toned down trips under water like coral spawning, watching whale migration or turtle hatching from close.


One such place is the Coast of Fraser Island which is a favourite path for migrating Humpback Whales. A whole range of whale watching trips are organised during these months.


You will love Australia for many more reasons but for the above ones. Best thing about people here is that they want to pace ahead with innovative ideas and the tourism industry is one of the biggest witnesses. Try out some out-of-the-box custom tours of the country and take back home a bunch of unforgettable memories.

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