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The 9 Best European Islands Offering Exclusive Travel Opportunity

Well Europe is filled with numerous beautiful islands. Honestly these holiday destinations are mostly crowded with tourists and are ruined by excessive development. Now all the travel snobs out there, here are some of the beautiful yet unknown European Islands offering the opportunity to relax. You will be able to relax here and escape the bustling crowds

1. Corvo Azores, Portugal

Corvo Azores_Portugal

This island is known to be Europe’s most isolated island and is situated in Portugal. The island is just 17 square kilometers with 6 km in length and 4 km wide and is said to have originated from a volcano. This volcano was last active nearly two million years ago but the area did not have any settlement till the 16th century as the island was isolated. The region gained electricity in the year 1963 and the first telephone cables were laid in the year 1973.
Well the population is minimum but it is safe place where you can relax. Get new news that the locals do even lock their doors as they can speak their own dialect and they are so isolated.

2. Ile de Porquerolles, France

Ile de Porquerolles_France

This island is located just off France’s Mediterranean coast and is located very near the famous Saint- Tropez. Well this island is in itself a beautiful paradise and is the proud home to various beautiful beaches. Porquerolles is usually shaped like a croissant which is 7 km in length and 3 km in width. By just heading up the north coast, you will get to see some incredible beaches along with the environmentally protected areas in the world as cars are banned here in this reasons.

3. Solta, Croatia


Solta Island is located near Split and is not a part of Croatia’s Adriatic metropolis by the SEA. This island is 19km in length with just 5 km in width providing an excellent day trip. There is not much to do but you can easily relax as well as explore the little villages right on the rocky beaches.

You can also indulge in swimming activities with the pretty Maslinica cove on the west coast. Stomorska is known to be the largest villages offering various cafes as well as restaurants here.

4. Elba, Italy


Elba is one of the fascinating islands. This island is off the main land and is part of Tuscany and is known as Italy’s third biggest island after Sicily and Sardinia. It is said that Napoleon stayed on the island for 300 days and he has helped to effectively improve the quality of life with series of social and economic changes.

One thing that has not changed is that this location is still one of the fantastic holiday locations. You can go for drive along the winding road along with mountain biking. There are other activities like diving as well as snorkeling with multi-colored shoals of fishes as well as wrecks of vessels which are ancient.

5. Kalymnos, Greece


This island is a wonderful Greek island which is located in between Leros and Kos and is located very close to the coast of western Turkey. This island is still untouched but the island is recently opening the borders to tourism.

This island is famous for fishing and the island is associated with rock climbing. This is the perfect place where you can sit back and take out the paintbrush with lovely views. There are beautiful beaches with sands and pebbles along secluded coves to explore.

Kalymnos is a major rock-climbing destination and is considered as one of the top climbing destinations in the whole world.

6. Princes Island, Turkey


The Princes Islands are a mix of nine islands which is located right off the coast of Istanbul in the Sea of Marmara. Well this island is very special which is why even motor vehicles are not even allowed apart from local municipality workers. That is reason why people here get around by foot, bicycles or even horse drawn carriage and sometimes a donkey even.

The four most popular islands here are Kinaliada, Heybeliada, Buyukada and Burgazada which has beautiful beaches never offering you to leave. The largest and the most famous among them is Buyukada which has wonderful Aya Yorgi Church as well as Monastery along with the Hamidiye Mosque built by sultan Abdulhamit II.

If you wish to enjoy a swim then just head to Yoruk Ali Beach which is open to public along with plenty of restaurants to enjoy local delicacies.

7. Hiiumaa, Estonia


Well this is an extraordinary island located right in the Baltic Sea with various unspoilt landscapes with fauna and exceptional flora with very friendly locals. There are nearly more than 200 islands which are widely covered with greenery and forests. There are beautiful sandy beaches with Tahkuna and Kõpu Peninsula where one can enjoy the day relaxing.

Now if you want something more than restaurants or just beaches then the right and most famous tourist sight is Kõpu Lighthouse which is the symbol of the island. Well there is also Tahkuna Lighthouse along with Mihkli Farmhouse Museum where one can easily enjoy a picnic.

8. Comino, Malta


Comino is known as Gozo’s little brother. In fact the place is so small that it just four permanent residents. There is a hotel which is open just between April and October. There are fantastic bird sanctuaries along with beautiful beaches with the beautiful Blue Lagoon.

9. Egadi Islands, Italy


There are three islands right off the coast of Sicily which has yet to be seen. They are filled with history as there are various fortresses and Roman Villas to proper explore as well as see. Marettimo has various mountains to explore as well as walk around with all three islands offering various snorkeling opportunities in the clear water.

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