The Uniqueness Quotients of the Fraser Island

Australia is the land full of surprises offering exclusive travel opportunities. The popular heritage listed island located along the southern coast of the state of Queensland is the Fraser Island. This beautiful holiday destination is ever changing offering exclusive stunning golden beaches, rainforests growing in sand, native animals as well as beautiful moving landscapes. Fraser Island is known to be the world’s largest sand island.

The biggest attraction of the Fraser Island is the biggest sand island along with the huge beach which takes an hour to drive in a 4×4 vehicles. There are lots of reasons why Fraser Island is one of the unique islands of the world.

Here are some of the exclusive reasons why Fraser Island is one of the most unique islands of the world.

Largest Sand Island

Sand Island

Fraser Island is known to be the largest sand island of the world. The area of the island is 1840 square kilometers. This island was declared a World Heritage Sites in the year 1992. There are in total 353 species of birds as compared to 337 species in total whole of UK.

Lake McKenzie

Lake McKenzie

Lake McKenzie offers one of the unforgettable experiences to one and all arriving in the Fraser Island. It has one of 40 perched lakes on the Fraser Island which amounts to nearly half of the all the perched lakes in the world. The perched lakes are defined as water bodies that are created from rainwater and is certainly not influenced by any other forms of water in fact not the even the underground sources of water.

Sandy Scenes of Lake McKenzie

Scenes of Lake McKenzie

The sandy scenes of Lake McKenzie are known to remarkably the exclusive one with beautiful sand which compromise of most of the island dating back to more than 40,000 years ago.

Pristine Water

Pristine Water

The beautiful pristine water of Lake McKenzie attracts tourists from all across the globe. The freshwater beach of the lake has a constant temperature of about 22c with an underground visibility of up to 20 meters.

Beautiful Beach Highway

Beach Highway

The island has the most scenic as well as beautiful highway in Australia. This highway is 20 kilometers stretch of sand but the navigability of the region depends on tides as well as approach of the aircraft which is landing.

Eli Creek

Eli Creek

The largest creek located on the eastern side of the Fraser Island is the Eli Creek. This creek pours nearly up to four million liters of freshwater into the ocean each and every hour. This is a popular picnic spot and the visitors can walk along the proper and clear stream.

The Pinnacles


The Pinnacles are sand colored cliffs which are noted to be one of the major attractions of the region. They were said to be formed by the explosion of Wiberigan which was trying to protect a girl from the attack of a harmful boomerang. This place is still considered to be a holy site for aboriginal woman.

Maheno Shipwreck

Maheno Shipwreck

The Maheno Shipwreck is one of another popular attraction located along the 75-mile beach. This ship was said to be built nearly seven years before the Titanic. This was said to be transformed into a popular hospital ship in the World War 1 but was later sold to a Japanese company for scrap metal in the year 1930s.

Fraser Island Great Walk

Great Walk

Fraser Island is the only place in the world where tall rainforest are grown on sand because of the fact that the island is only made up of sand. You can easily explore the island on foot at Fraser Island Great Walk. This trail is 90 kilometers and in total six days to hike.

Fraser Island holds several unique attractions which make it a unique one differentiated from different other islands. Plan an exclusive visit soon to the island and enjoy a marvelous trip to the island.

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