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Top 10 Exclusive Christmas Destinations to Visit This Year

The yearend sets in the festive mood for every traveler from all across globe. It is Christmas time and it is high time for you to plan an exclusive holiday season by experiencing the different cultures as well as ways of life. Here are the top five places which should visit this winter to enjoy the exclusive Christmas.

1. Tromso, Norway



Well if you plan to spend a little more money then plan an exclusive trip to see the exclusive and beautiful Northern Lights which can be best viewed right between 6:00 pm and midnight. Here you can indulge in great other things like dog sledding, ridding on a cable car right on the cable car on the mountain as well as food. Astro is known for Norwegian spin along for exclusive holiday meals. There are many hotels which shut down for holidays, there is Clarion Hotel Bryggen which stays open and is located right on the harbor.

2. Key West, Florida

Key West Lobster Christmas Tree


Those who wish to go away from the chills of winter for them the best place to visit is Florida. You can feel the warm weather here with the beautiful Christmas feel as they will celebrate 2015 to see the beautiful harbor lit up with Christmas cheer. Nearly each and every hotel and restaurants have their own holiday season with specific menus which are certainly holiday favorites.

3. Quebec City

Quebec City


There are 16th and 17th century stone homes, snowy streets along with Quebec which is over 400 years old with the right European feel to the local city feeling the Christmas. Experience the great food which surely makes the great cheer loving the Christmas.

4. Aspen, Colarado

aspen colorado


Aspen is surely not a joke in Jim Carrey movie but it is also a beautiful place for any holiday season filled with skating, skiing along with lots of hot chocolate. Aspen is filled with events for the family offering exclusive travel opportunities.

5. New York City, New York

new york city christmas celebration


Nothing is better than travelling to the New York which never sleeps. There is surely something to do right in New York City where you can enjoy a sleigh ride in Central Park, or viewing the Rockefeller tree lighting up as well as skating in the central park. The whole city is already bright but in true sense they are even brighter during the holidays.

6. The Nuremberg Christmas market

Nuremberg Christmas market


This Nuremberg Christmas market is a German institution which pulls more than 2 million visitors every year. There is various popular attractions which include the giant carved wooden Ferris wheel with an old-fashioned carousel as well as steam train.

This beautiful markets is popping up in the region with exclusive handmade toys and holiday goods which are sold. There are no mass produced plastic garlands here. Here adults can enjoy the spicy gingerbread here while the kids can enjoy the beautiful Toy Museum.

7. San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Mexico city night view


Ponche, posadas and Piñatas usually sum up all the festivities in the colorful Mexican city with Christmas are surely celebratory affair. Right on the December 24, you may meet Mary and Joseph strolling right on the streets with locals making pilgrimages here.

Both Pinatas and ponche( a mulled fruit drink), one can spent a long evening peregrinations with cobblestoned city which is known as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for the beautiful and grand churches with well preserved architecture and grand zocales.

8. Valkenburg, The Netherlands

valkenburg Christmas festivities


This is a small torn which is a popular Dutch center known for Christmas festivities. Valkenbrug’s Velvet Cave is excellently transformed into Christmas Market with residence of Santa where visitors can jolly well see his presents as well as reindeer sleigh.

The cavern houses sculptures are an excellent 18th century chapel where one can see mural drawings dating back to the Roman times. There are various Marlstone products with traditional Polish handicrafts which are unique and exclusive to Valkenburg’s Christmas markets. There is Christmas Express train which runs regularly in between Simpelveld and Valkenburg.

. Barcelona, Spain

barcelona christmas holiday


If you can manage to effectively enjoy your Christmas Holiday until January 5 that is Three King’s Day then surely there is no better place than Melchior, Gasper along with Balthazar then there is no better place than Barcelona.
Here the city’s port holds the beautiful own ship Santa Eulalia which is decorated in velvet-robbed splendor and beard.

There are canons which are fired along with fireworks which are set off and mayor hands them the keys right to the city. They parade right through the streets with floats that include elephants, giraffes, camels and beautiful costumes.

10. Strasbourg, France

strasbourg christmas market


Pay your visit this Christmas to this beautifully themes villages which is ideal for visual or gastronomic wonderland. The visitors here can head to this village of Alsace Farmhouse to beautifully taste prune, apricot along with holiday inspired of farm-fresh foie gras.

You can get traditional Christmas biscuits with mulled Alsatian wines which are exclusive and traditional in their own way. Strasbourg’s Christmas program is exclusively packed with cultural events and concerts from guest country from all across the globe.


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