Top Romanian Destinations To Make Your Trip A Memorable One

Europe is one of the best places of the world to spend some quality time with your family or in complete peace. Every country or state of this part of the world possesses mesmerizing beauty in its landscape and its culture. Unveiling the true beauty to the core is always an appealing and unique experience for every individual.

Romania, located in the southeast Europe, is authentically beautiful in its ultimate form. Bestowed with iconic landscapes, great geographical features, and a rich culture- Romania proved to be a perfect and ideal location for the travelers and the travel mongers, to be in peace and to adorn the artistic surrounding crafted to cure them excellently.


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Rugged stone churches, pristine landscape, rocky mountain and rolling hills will greet you as you step in Romania. A classic stroke with a modern feel fortifies the county and adds charm to its already distinctive feature and unrivaled characteristic. There is a wide number of colorful and outstanding architecture with old charm and eye-catchy structures that completely leaves you awestruck with its beauty.

Although filled with beauty, and all kinds of alluring destinations, this country is still regarded as an off-the-beat destination for many travelers. This is a country full of surprises, exciting places and impressive architecture and a great combination of exoticness with exhilaration.

While you plan to visit this place and enjoy an out-of-the-box experience we present to you the ideal details that will help you to enjoy each and every day in the region to the fullest. These details also help you to make your schedule for every single day that you spend in this area.

Housing many spectacular places, it has seven of its beautiful locations listed in the World Heritage Sites of UNESCO. Some of the wonderful destinations that you must definitely keep within your bucket list to collect some beautiful moments from this part of the world back to your home are mentioned below:

Wooden Churches


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Visiting the picturesque corner of Romania presents to you a great opportunity to explore the wooden churches and step back in time. Eight wooden churches of Maramures have reserved its place in the list of World Heritage Sites of UNESCO. It has been often considered as one of the best examples of vernacular wooden architecture which reflects the high level of artistic mastery and uniquely crafted skills.

Mud Volcanoes


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We all have heard about volcanoes. No doubt in that. But how many of us have actually been lucky enough to see the volcano or experience the volcanic eruptions from our naked eyes? Not many indeed. There is a dream in all of us to experience it, but this dream is coupled with a fear- the fear of getting hurt, the fear of being prey to the hot molten lava that comes out during the volcanic eruption. When in Romania, don’t forget to visit Berca, a small village in the Buzau country that houses the mud volcanoes. It forms a spectacular sight with moon-like surface all around- which is too pleasing for the eyes to resist. Visiting these volcanoes will also help you to fulfill your dreams excellently. The area of the volcanoes is now preserved and protected by the botanical and geological reservation because of its peculiarity and the unique plant species which are found here.

Merry Cemetery


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How many of us can imagine a happy cemetery? Many of you will come with expressions like “Cemetery? Happy? Are You Kidding Me?” No, I am not. Romania is the home to the happiest cemetery of the world. Cemeteries are often considered to be cold, creepy and ghoulish places, which are also considered to be haunted. If you too think so, then Romania will change your thought process entirely. Situated in Sapanta, a village of 1,500 inhabitants in Maramures, the cemetery is a must visit place for all of you. Decorated with colorful gravestones which are engraved with good-humored images and poems that satirize the life of the person buried there, the cemetery is a unique burial site and is a major tourist attraction of the region for being a one-of-its-kind cemetery.

Sarmizegetusa Regia


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This is a Dacian fortress located amidst the Orastie Mountains, near the city of Hunedoara. This archaeological site is a stupendous area to visit and explore the history of the region. Dating back to the 1st century BC, this site was once the capital of Dacian Kingdom that consists of the main fortress, the sacred area and the civilian quarter. Being well-preserved, this site is declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Located on top of the 1200-meter- high mountain plateau, the area represents some of the brilliant and exceptional architectural skills and military ability and understanding of the people of those days.

Groapa Ruginoasa


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Groapa Ruginoasa is situated in the Apuseni Natural Park in the Bihor Country of Romania. This is a scenic geographical nature reserve which is spread around the large area of 20 hectares. It is immensely popular for the huge, reddish ravine that makes the entire scene stand out in the market for its otherworldly feel and alluring landscape, which is developed as a result of the erosion of streams in the area. It is a great pleasure to visit the area and to establish a one-to-one connection with nature.



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The natural and scenic beauty of Romania gives you just an ideal and an authentic experience that everyone will love to indulge in. Enjoying the steam train ride with Mocanita on the last forestry railway which is still in use in Europe can fill you with a wonderful experience. The idyllic journey of the train begins from Viseu de Sus, Maramures and takes you past around the vast, untouched landscape, mesmerizing pastures, rushing rivers and the wild mountain forests. Experiencing the steam powered locomotive train running at a speed of about 10 km/hr, allow you to soak up in the outstanding natural beauty that passes along the way. Just imagine taking a ride in such beautiful scenery… It will just take your breath away.

The Sphinx


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Are you in awe of nature and the processes through which it carves new and beautiful things all around? If yes, then here we are giving you another reason to be awestruck. The Sphinx of Romania is a natural rock formation hovering at an altitude of 2.216m in the Bucegi Natural Park. This spectacular rock formation is identical to the Great Sphinx of Giza and has got a unique and peculiar shape, which is mainly believed to be caused due to wind erosion and other mysterious reasons which are yet to come on the surface. Sitting on the plateau, it is surrounded with breathtaking mountain views and can also be easily reached by cable car.



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Don’t you believe in the location shown and depicted in the fairy tales? Visit Sighisoara. You will definitely start believing that fairy tales are not always imaginative; there is a reality behind it. It is an unbelievable huddle of narrow streets, cobbled with stones, colorful houses on both sides of the road and not to forget the mighty watchtowers. This is a perfect and ideal picturesque background which is just perfect for you to live the fairy tale life which you had always wished for. The postcard-perfect medieval OLD TOWN with fortified walls, depicting the wonderful mix of gorgeous and fantabulous Gothic and Saxon architecture, which enhanced the overall beauty of the region, has helped the place to secure its position in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is the only inhabited citadel of this uniqueness of Europe and is one of the best preserved medieval fortified towns that you will ever come across!

Salina Turda


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The Salina Turda, once a salt mine is about 2000-year-old. The shutter of this mine was put down in 1932 when its purpose was fulfilled. It was only during the 2nd World War that it reopened to serve the purpose of a bomb shelter and later on was used for storing cheese. It was in 1992 that the idea of transforming this mine into an amusement park was proposed. This historical salt mine has turned into a wonderful tourist destination. Once you land here you will have plenty scope to enjoy yourself to the core. This theme park has been visited by over 2.5 million people since the time of its opening and according to its popularity and wonderful adventure and excitement is now ranked at the 22nd position among the most spectacular destinations around the world. This massive amusement park includes a giant Ferris wheel, a mini-golf course with six different tracks, tennis courts and even an underground lake that can be explored with the use of paddle boats. So, don your adventure hats and get ready for some marvelous fun and excitement.

Danube Delta


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Yet another, UNESCO World Heritage Site of Romania, the Danube Delta is the home to over 300 various species of birds, 160 species of fish and the great expanse of reed beds of the world. This is a mesmerizing destination to visit and will surely present you with several reasons to stay here a little longer than usual and admire the gorgeous surrounding that it contains. This is often considered as the Heaven for the wildlife lovers and is also the best-preserved delta in Europe. The unique variety of flora and fauna is distinctive on the continent, which flaunts for about 23 natural ecosystems which make it a wonderful and pleasant destination for eco-tourism.

Voronet Monastery


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Situated near the town of Gura Humoruui, in the Suceava country of Romania, the Voronet Monastery is a part of the UNESCO-Listed Painted Monasteries of Bucovina. The wonderful architecture of the monastery and the paintings on its wall sets it apart from the industry and is one of the most treasured religious monuments of Romania. This 15-century architectural marvel stands apart from its other counterparts around the world for its unique shade of blue featured in the marvelous frescoes. It is a brilliant monastery to visit in search of relaxation, rejuvenation and ideal destination to explore the brilliance of the people of the previous generation.

Letea Forest


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Are you interested in spending quality time amidst nature? Pay a visit to the Letea Forest. Tucked amidst the sand dunes between the Danube branches of Chilia and Sunlina, this forest is the northernmost subtropical forest of the world. It promises to live up to your expectations and helps you to achieve an excellent closeness with nature. This is a magical and wonderful forest which houses the wild horses, who roam around freely and the century- old oak trees that stand side by side with swinging lianas, water lilies and other wild flora and fauna of the region. Pay a visit here and unveil the beauty of the region explicitly.

The Statue of Decebalus


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Adorning the excellence and beauty of the region, the Statue of Decebalus gives the visitors the right reasons to stop and admire the views leisurely. Standing tall at the height of 55m with 25m width, the statue of Decebalus, located near the town of Orsova, is the largest rock sculpture in Europe. Overlooking the river Danube, the statue is carved into a rocky outcrop, the monument depicts the last king of Dacia and took a total of 10 years to complete. Reaching the statue is only possible through the river; however, one can even decide to admire it from far by stopping at the parking lot on the opposite side and trying to experience the magic of the view.

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