Tropical Romantic Gateway of Bora Bora

A trip to Australia remains incomplete if you do not take a look at the Bora Bora Island that comes within the French Polynesia and is on the rising track of popularity for honeymooners as well as those who want to capture beautiful scenes permanently in their memory. The Island has a rich military history as during the Second World War it served as a base for USA. Many people are of opinion that Bora Bora is one of the most beautiful islands on earth. In local dialect it is called Pora Pora which means ‘the first born’. The Island’s economic backbone relies upon tourism and its blue lagoons are filled with fabled beauty. According to the novelist J.A. Michener the lagoon is ‘so stunning, that there are really no adequate words to describe it’. Some of the smaller islands are girdled with coral reefs.

Bora Bora

How to travel?

It is located around 5983 km from Sydney. There are direct flights available between Sydney and Bora Bora. Melbourne’s Tullamarine Airport is the most famous airport for the one stop flights between Sydney and Bora Bora. Cheap airlines deliver services that would cost you around $1,473 for a one way trip.

Top things to do in Bora Bora

  • A trip to Mt. Otemanu: 4 wheeled jeep excursions are available but unlike typical tourist trips there are lots more to look forward to. The rugged terrain is worthy of a visit. On the way to the summit you may pick some local varieties of fresh fruits and have a memorable breakfast. Most endearing is the warmth of local people that would touch even the most serious souls. You may turn your hands at the high quality Tahitian pearls at local jewelry shops. You would love a view along the reef.

Mt. Otemanu

  • Scuba diving and snorkeling: Many private parties organize sessions for scuba diving and snorkeling as there are ample opportunities here in Bora Bora. One of them is ‘Bora Bora Romantic Tour’. The organizers Arii and Nana try their best to make the trips truly memorable. The BBQ is a locally styled lunch fare made off with the help of coconut leaves and branches; steaks, chickens and tunas- a sumptuous lunch fair indeed. Specially crafted for couples the tour would leave you mesmerized and if lucky you would be swimming with Sting Rays and Sharks amidst the coral reef.

Scuba diving

  • Matira Beach: The water is amazingly crystal clear and displays a myriad of azure shades. You may go for a relaxing swim here. This is one of the most relaxing beaches of Vaitape, the largest city of Bora Bora. There are so many picturesque spots to catch on camera and some amazing food counters offering you the Tahitian food fair.

Matira Beach

  • Leopard Rays Trench: People come here to taste their nerves as one need to swim along with Sharks and Sting Rays. Breathtaking views of lagoon and the Mt. Otemanu are available here.
  • Bora Bora Lagoonarium: This is a private island at Bora Bora where breathtaking views of the surroundings is captivating and you may stay at one of the water bungalows. Amazing options of snorkeling are available with the options to feed a Sting Ray or a Shark is added bonanza. The underwater life is amazingly exciting. Even a ride on a shark and the Pareo show that is a wrap around contest of waist clothes add extra spice to trips. For exploring the island you may take a boat trip.


  • White Valley: Ex visitors of White Valley in Bora Bora suggest a trip here as natural beauty is at its best and unique form. There is a spewing geyser. Here a certified diver may take a journey to the underworld marvels and may find turtles and abundant numbers of sharks.

Polynesian Nuptial

If you are planning an unconventional wedding ceremony then Bora Bora is a perfect venue. Both elaborate and budget wedding options are available. Some lucrative add-ons are a catamaran cruise trip, a private ceremony at the beachside or an elaborate event at the resort. You may opt for local dancers or musicians to perform before your guests.

Polynesian Nuptial

Honeymoon special

One may say that Bora Bora is a perfect romantic gateway to the interiors of Tahitian natural space. Limited only by imagination, the place has a perfect weather, extraordinarily beautiful water bungalows, amazing dinning spaces and stunning nature that would certainly inspire romanticism.


Nightlife and dine out

Both private and vibrant nightlife options are available in Bora Bora. Synonymous with Bora Bora, the Bloody Mary’s Restaurant and Bar offers you sumptuous grilled fishes and steaks along with cocktails to leave you wanting for more. French cuisines are world famous and this distant French island will not leave you dissatisfied with its opulent fares at La Matira or La Bounty. Biggest romantic dine-out is available at the La Villa Mahana offering you a 5 course dinner for two.

dine out


Bora Bora has both luxury and budget over-water bungalows. Some amazing resorts offer stunning views of Mt. Otemanu, the lagoon and Mt. Pahia. Newest multi-specialty accommodations are the Thalasso-Spa Bora Bora and the Intercontinental Resort.

Ending the trip with a happy note


Couples could never forget this happy island. Most vigorous thing to be noticed is the pulsating energy of its inhabitants. When the atmosphere is charged up with positivity, the trip becomes more endearing.

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