Visiting Asia with your budget friendly pocket

Smiling is the best medicine and we bring the reason of smiling for you. Exploring the world is the dream of every traveller and even everyone want to explore the beauty of nature in the different corner of the earth. We generally procrastinate it because it is our intuition that it needs our whole life saving to explore that very corner of the world. Consider Asia- offering endless opportunities to travellers to plan extra ordinary travel journeys within pocket friendly price.

Here are some of the exclusive places to visit well within Asia without causing a dent in your pocket.

  • Colombo, Sri Lanka: – mostly renowned cultural beaches in western coast. Although this is treacherous for swimming they have built some manmade reefs which provide some shelter from the waves and you can swim. Cultural triangle provides most ecstatic view like the Buddhist temple very important temple and it holds incredible wealth.  The architecture is a mix of Sri Lanka, Thai, India, and Chinese. Some are the unexplored spot if you have some spare days you can head to the various places like Gangaramaya temple. Walk around Pettah market huge open market where you will satiate yourself by bargaining your loving content. Seafood another feather in the cap which will overwhelm you and in case if you are vegetarian then you has also a lot option to browse.


  • Koh Samui, Thailand: – Koh Samui is a sort of real paradise where you can experience the real eloquent aquatic world. The wallpaper which you usually use to set in your cell phone you have a look to that which is going is to amaze you. It is surrounded by about sixty other islands, which together compose the Ang Thong Marine National park and include many tourist destination spot. The white beaches, coral reefs all together form a treat to watch scenario. Natural diversity exotic flora and fauna it is just elusive. Events and festivals like buffalo fighting festival, Samui Regatta, Samui triathlon these things can even more increase your fun. Cheap flights to Bangkok are available and then you can take a connecting flight Koh Samui, where classy hotels and that cater to B&B’s catered to every kind of traveller dot the island. Local food products of Koh Samui and Surat Thani province include salted eggs and rambutan.


  • Kathmandu, Nepal: – If you are interested in exploring the high peaks of mountains and want to add the flavour of adventure in your life. You don’t have to travel thousand miles. Our neighbouring country Nepal offers this entire wallowing journey. It is said that it has been cribbed by mountains so always a nice place for mountaineers. It is also famous for their spiritual practices most famous temple of living god and goddess such type of temple tranquil you. Kathmandu is the nice blend of old and new culture. The Durbar square is a UNESCO world heritage site and has several temples within its precinct waiting to be explored. The Thamel area has tons of shops selling anything from mountaineering gear to souvenirs. The Pashupatinathnath temple is the city’s oldest temple while the Bodhinath stupa is the one of the oldest Buddhist temple in the world.


  • Singapore: – Tech city or rich diversity it will be one of the most favourable country for tourist destination spot which you can visit where you can find the perfect blend of technology, commercial architect, and diversity like culture of Chinatown heritage centre. Take a cruise on Singapore River. Singapore Zoo, which is one of the best in Asia. Spend an evening in Marina bay area. Dining, along with shopping is said to be the Country’s pastime. The focus on food has led countries like Australia to attract to food based itineraries.


  • Malacca, Malaysia: – Kuala Lumpur is most heard and renowned city in Malaysia. How many of us have really heard about Malacca? First of all this historical city centre has been listed UNESCO World Heritage Site. With its Portuguese influence clearly visible in the building and streets, Malacca is a city that is brimming with history. Jonker Street is the best place for antique lover or in case they want to elaborate their collection. Beautiful scenario medieval era construction makes this place perfect for capturing yourself as relic. There are 87 night markets around Malacca especially for shopping lovers. Get there by road from Kuala Lumpur; it will take just half an hour.


  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates: – Dubai has emerged as a global city and business hub of the Middle East. The city has become symbolic for its skyscrapers and high rise buildings in particular the world’s tallest building, The Burj khalifa. A long walk around the old Bastakiya district is a must do for the history buffs. You must visit the Deira gold souk just for the experience and world’s largest mall, Dubai mall. Some the joyful things like cable car, horse carriage, exotic bird show.



  • Bangkok, Thailand: – The city is known for its vibrant street life and cultural landmarks. The historic grand palace and Buddhist temple including Wat Arun and Wat Pho stand in contrast with other tourist attraction such as the night life scenes of khaosan Road and Patpong.  It has lovely floating market. It has cheaper tickets from Mumbai, Delhi, or any other measure Indian city.


  • Bali, Indonesia: – Bali is a popular tourist destination and is renowned for its highly developed arts including traditional and modern dance, sculpture, leather, metal working, and music. If you are a movie lover then it is a treat for you that the Indonesian International Film festival is held every year in Bali. It is the part of coral triangle, the area with the highest bio diversity of Marine species. Laze on the glorious beaches of seminyak and Nusa Dua. Visit the crafts village in Ubud and the surrounding villages. If you are feeling more adventurous, trek up Mount Batur, one of the Bali’s active volcanoes. After a down trodden journey Balinese massage gives you a relaxing bed.


  • Male, Maldives: – The Maldives with its lucid water luring colourful sea life and exotic spas has in recent years been most revitalising for the Indian traveller. The underwater life in the sea lends a whole new meaning to the vibrant colours. Scuba diving enthusiasts are set to have a highly memorable experience. Traditionally it was the king’s island from where the ancient royal dynasties ruled and where the palace was located. Male international airport is on adjacent Hulhule Island which includes a seaplane base for internal transportation assures a proper connectivity.


  • Phuket, Thailand: – Thailand is one of the most affordable foreign trips so it is again trending in our list and easily accessible or properly connected. Patong beach and most of Phuket’s nightlife and its shopping is in Patong is like purchasing stars from the sky. The immense pleasure which will blow your mind and suddenly while performing these activities leads to another level of fun. Whether you are looking to have for tranquillity or party hard, Phuket is best to explore.


These are some most trending tourist destination spot within your pocket size. These places are some kind of paradise having their own speciality and beauty which will drive you crazy. These are the place where you have some quality times with your dear one to make it souvenir. Every time when you memorise that you, must have a small smile of satisfaction over your face. So what are you waiting for, plan a budget friendly holiday and enjoy a trip in Asia.

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