Visiting Norway in a Smart Way

People desist from visiting Norway as predominant notion is that it’s highly expensive. It’s not completely wrong. Most frugal of the sort would find it really hard to save money while visiting Norway. But this single reason can’t decide your travel itinerary in particular if you’re a nature lover. You can’t ignore the beauty of its coastal parts, fjords; vast expanse of forest, lakes; mountains and waterfalls. Apart from its natural beauty Norway’s people are wonderful and all of them talk in English (so no such problems as one faces in France). One way of curtailing your budget is to plan it while visiting neighboring countries as Norwegian Air offers affordable tickets for Oslo.

Norway’s topmost attractions

Fjords: In one word Norwegian fjords are exceptional. These deep sea, narrow inlets are visited by lots of tourists around the world, every year. Sogn and Fjordane; More and Romsdal; Hordaland and Rogaland; choose your place and permanently capture unforgettable memories in your mind.


Bergen: Historic city of Bergen is a popular educational centre; so pretty much vibrant energy that is displayed here. If you want to find out affordable food centers, you will easily find it at Bergen (the fish market is just awesome). Seafood lovers find their paradise here and several adventure trips can be undertaken from this city.


National Parks: As I said earlier Norway is a nature lover’s paradise and spectacular beauty waits for you here. From glaciers to waterfalls you’ll witness stunning animals like lynx, reindeer and wolves while grappling with choices between canoeing, rafting, trekking and caving. Great, right! Among a whole lot of them, you can choose the Jostedalsbreen National Park that’s home to the largest stretch of glacier within the continental Europe.


Trondheim: To meet the young brigade of the country, come here at Trondheim. Make lots of young friends out here. Clubs, pubs, bars and restaurants; numerous options of enjoyment offered especially when you’re staying here as an out-stationed student.


Journey still the Northern Cape: Northern Cape region of Norway is the northern most tip of the continent and opens up lots of options for trekking and other adventure sports. Top most attractions are Finnmark and the jagged coastline.

Journey still the Northern Cape

Tromso: The eternal city in summer time, Tromso is the land of ‘Northern Lights’ during winters. To view the ‘midnight sun’ as well as the aurora borealis, there is one destination and that is Tromso.


Tips for a smart budget tour
Accommodation: Hostel dorms can cost you between 200 to 500 NOK. Options of free tent establishment on public fields are available. I suggest you to carry your personal tents.

Food: Food is really costly here and a regular all course meal can cost well above 285 NOK. Fast food too is not below 80 NOK. Eat like a Norwegian when in Norway. Nearest convenience store can offer you sausages and hot dogs in 30 to 50 NOK. Another option is to prepare your meal all by yourself. But keep in mind to shun fresh vegetables and chicken fillets that cost you a bomb.

Transport: Between various cities train tickets cost from 300 to 610 NOK. Advance bookings tend to depreciate its price considerably. So make your plans in advance. Express buses can take you to different cities and as far as to the national parks. On an average they cost in between 290 to 700 NOK. Double Decker buses have free wi-fi as well as tea and coffee centers. In case of later transport option, you may avail up to 50% discount on tickets if you book in advance.

Activities: Fjords and national parks; museums and forts, you don’t have a dearth of activities here in Norway. On an average 1050 NOK costs you every day on a whole day trip. Fjord day tours costs you between 400 to 650 NOK. The museums’ entry fee is anywhere near 80 NOK. Cost effective way of visiting these places is the availability of a tourism card. This will let you see them for free and free transportation as well.

Say no to drinks: Cost of a single peg is above 60 NOK so shun from drinking sessions. It may jeopardize your budget in a great way.

Norway has many things to offer you. If you’re a smart tourist, you need not have to worry about trip expenditure. After all such a beautiful country can’t be ignored for the fear of money only.

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