Delicious foods are surely the best thing to relish and savor in the best way possible. Very unlike the common taste, there are various foods which are hot very very hot. There are some people who like their food bland. While there are other people who like it mild and some like it hot. But there are the whole bunch of people around the world who like it destroy-the-tongue hot. One may want to keep a tall glass of water close for this exclusive culinary tour of the world’s hottest dishes right from “suicide” chicken wings to tastebud-searing Thai soup

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Well Colombia offers a broad mix of exclusive wildlife, geography along with history unlike any other in the whole of South America. The most interesting part is more and more travelers across the world are noticing Colombia. Well no wonder as the country is fresh for discovery with a little of each and everything right from golden beaches, snow capped mountains along with colonial fortresses fun filled with energy. In honor of the extensive energy as well as the ability to surprise and delight the travelers here, here are some of the few exclusive things which you did not know

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