Cartagena, Colombia

Colombia Through a Complete Different Angle

Well Colombia offers a broad mix of exclusive wildlife, geography along with history unlike any other in the whole of South America. The most interesting part is more and more travelers across the world are noticing Colombia. Well no wonder as the country is fresh for discovery with a little of each and everything right from golden beaches, snow capped mountains along with colonial fortresses fun filled with energy.

In honor of the extensive energy as well as the ability to surprise and delight the travelers here, here are some of the few exclusive things which you did not know about South America’s best secret. There are various things which are being discovered during each and every year but which will however not remain unknown for very long.

Full of Life in every inch


With a variance in biomes and climates which would surely be hard to find in countries in five times the size, Colombia is certainly diverse. This place stretches from Caribbean Sea to Pacific Ocean; this country is extremely small less than in fact 1% of the total world’s land but certainly ranks second-most biodiverse as well as close to nearly 10% of the Earth’s animal and plant species. It is also the home to more varieties of birds than all of North America as well as Europe combined along with unique species of butterflies with orchid species.

Right from snow boots to swimsuits


Colombia has a unique topography.  The excellent topography along with the position of equator offers diversity of climates along with tropical rainforests along with steppes, mountains and deserts. These differences are the best possible witness of the diverse Colombian diverse culture.

Life is like a beach


The beach life is extremely predominant here in Colombia as it is the only country in South America which shares a proper coastline with both Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean. The total distance of the coastline is over 3,200 km includes gorgeous shores including 300 beaches right from tropical island along with white sand retreats and various waterfronts activity. It is one of the less expensive places to enjoy scuba diving.

The exclusive happiness quotients


Well the people of Colombia have a higher life expectancy with a very healthy balance of work-life along with an exclusive ecological foot print. In the year 2013 and 2014, Colombia ranked high in the “Global Barometer of Happiness and Hope” ranking in one of the happiest countries in the world. Colombians are really very happy as they know how to celebrate and enjoy a marvelous holidays.

Magical color with heaven on earth


Well Columbia is full of magical colors. Right from few weeks from September to November, people gather to Caño Cristales to watch it change to something magical. During the period, you can witness coral, moss as well as other aquatic plants turning into different colors right on the surface of the river. You will just realize why people came here.

A Magical world waiting to be uncovered


Colombia produces various ranges of delicious as well as excellent fruits which are strange looking. Well fruits like mango and papaya but how about granadilla, lulo, maracuyá or chontaduro? These fruits offer all sorts of taste like sour, juicy, sticky, sweet or tangy. You can experience a whole delicious world of fruits waiting to unpeeled in the country Colombia. Right on the Caribbean coast, there are fruit and juice stands each and everywhere waiting to be eaten.

Well there are certainly more on the list right from soaring summits, enigmatic Amazon jungle along with cobbled colonial communities. Colombia offers magical realism and certainly you will be very thrilled at the concept of seeing the country.

So get ready and witness the excellent country Colombia and get immersed in the excellent feel of the country that is Colombia.

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