Top 12 Delicious Yet Hottest Foods In The World To Savor In The Best Way

Delicious foods are surely the best thing to relish and savor in the best way possible. Very unlike the common taste, there are various foods which are hot very very hot. There are some people who like their food bland. While there are other people who like it mild and some like it hot. But there are the whole bunch of people around the world who like it destroy-the-tongue hot.

One may want to keep a tall glass of water close for this exclusive culinary tour of the world’s hottest dishes right from “suicide” chicken wings to tastebud-searing Thai soup which can make your eyes water with just one taste.

1. Vindaloo


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This is an exclusive dish in a cuisine which is known for its spiciness, India’s Vindaloo will range from scorching hot to surface of the sun-hot based on how much hot chili is used. In certain extreme cases, Vindaloo will add Bhut jolokia or ghost chili which is known to be the hottest chili in the world.

2. Phaal Curry

Phaal Curry

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This one is a British-Asian fusion dish by the name Phaal which had originated in the Indian restaurants of Birmingham, England. This is considered to be “big-boy” version of Vindaloo which is made spicy by standard-issue chili peppers. Phaal, right on the other hand will add scotch bonnet and certainly habanero chilis for adding a level which is the almost unendurable level of heat. Try to visit the NYC’s Brick Lane Curry House which is made using 10 different types of chili peppers requiring the chef to wear a gas mask right during preparation.

3. Suicide Chicken Wings

3. Suicide Chicken Wings

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Now the recipe Suicide Wings is something which you will surely love but it can so hot sometimes that it will melt your eyeballs. Irrespective of the heat level, the secret ingredient in these fiery wings may certainly vary which ranges from habanero sauce to blazing hot Bhut Jolokia peppers. Regardless of what makes them hot, it is certainly a good idea to exercise caution with any sort of food which has the word “suicide” present in the title.

4. Suicide Burrito

Suicide Burrito

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If you really insist on eating any food with the name suicide in it then try to eat Korean-inspired Suicide Burrito which is very different from normal burrito which consists of Kimchi fried rice with marinated meats, salsa, cheese and certainly cilantro. This suicide dish adds an excellent blend of Korean, Chinese, Mexican peppers. Now it has a challenge that if you eat the whole thing, it is free.

5. Papa a la Huancaina

Papa a la Huancaina

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This excellent appetizer is a Peruvian dish made from potatoes with hard boiled eggs and yellow cheese sauce which gives it the appearance it has. The gravy has medium hot aji Amarillo peppers and habanero which will be bound to set your mouth on fire. This dish is spicy and delicious.

6. Tom Yum


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This is a spicy soup from Thailand offered with a variety of option like it is made with prawns which is most popular with tourists. This dish is made of crushed Thai bird’s eye chilis which are a source of heat and true aficionados of this Thai staple. The hotter, the better.

7. Sichuan Hot Pot


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As suggested by the name itself, this is a traditional dish served in a large metal bowl as it would burn its way right through everything else. Right after few bites, you will start sweating and gasping for air. Well, all it is part of the experiences.

8. Neua Pad Prik


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Well, this delicious food comes from the kitchen of Thailand, Neua Pad Prik or Chili Beef is a stir-fried pepper steak just with hotter peppers. And very like most other Thai dishes, this one is really spicy with the right amount of hotter peppers.

9. Kimchi Jjigae


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Again this one includes Korean spices in it. Kimchee Jjigae is a stew which is a staple in Korean cuisine made from hot simmering stew which is infused with super-spicy aged kimchee.

10. Jerk Chicken


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Sweet, tangy and burning hot, Jerk chicken is one of iconic Jamaican dish which is derived its intense heat from all types of spices and scotch bonnet peppers.

11. Sik Sik Wat

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This Ethiopian delicacy Sik Sik Wat is beef stewed in spicy red pepper sauce made from chili pepper, fenugreek, paprika creating a delicious hotness which is worth the heartburn which can surely be the result.

12. Pearl Café Level 100 Fried Rice


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Last but not the least, comes the exclusive dish of Pearl Café Level 100 Fried Rice. This is sold in the popular Thai restaurant called Pearl Café in Florissant, Missouri. This is certainly not in the menu but in short, it is the culinary challenge. Diners will taste first four increasingly spicy dishes with heat levels rated at 25, 50, 75 and then the Level 100 Fried Rice. The recipe is a secret one but with hardcore chili-heads who have made attempt will surely swear that ghost peppers are present from Level 50 and up. Not do not be afraid or squeamish.

Well now if you wish to have a whole new different experience, try delicious yet hot dishes perfect to give your tongue the much-needed burning sensation yet to be tried once in a lifetime.

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